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2019: Oshiomhole, A Nepotic Leader ruling Edo APC as his private property By Cosmas Garuba


Edo state, since 1999, have witnessed a lot of political drama.

Leaders have come and gone, godfathers at different levels have emerged and at the same time some have had their sphere of influence extinguished and thereby either throwing in the towel voluntarily or in some cases, forced out by political knock out. occasioned by protest from within their ranks or by the very followers they led.

In 2007, when Comrade Adams Oshiomhole left the saddle as chairman of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC), He rode unto the seat of power as governor of Edo State on the shoulders and sponsorship of some godfathers in the State, after an eventual legal tussle at the tribunal.

An apostle of “No To Godfatherism” “One Man One Vote” and “Let the people lead” and one who was known or believed to be a patriarch of justice, equity and fair play.

Sadly, today, Mr. Oshiomhole has assumed the role and practices of the very godfathers he led a bandwagon of protests and political fight against.

While fighting the godfathers, he accused them of turning government patronage into their personal estates by using same to enrich themselves and family members at the detriment of their constituents.

But, with what is happening now, Mr. Oshiomhole, now Comrade Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has become worse than those he hitherto organised the Edo people against.

It has now become clear to Party members and keen political observers that behind all those shenanigans, there lurked a hidden agenda to overthrow the godfathers, for him to become the sole godfather.

While in office, he anointed candidates for elective positions and appointed who ever he felt could kiss his ass.

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As he was leaving in November 2016, He imposed on the party and Edo People, a governor, whom he felt would best serve his interest and also cover his tracks of fraudulent and illicit transactions with an added hefty pension to keep him in liquidity to live a luxurious life, which to him is more paramount and not necessarily for the interest of Edo People.

Before leaving office as governor of Edo State, he awarded contracts at ridiculous amounts to cronies of his, who were actually fronts and conduits with which he drained the state coffers for the eight years he ruled as governor.

Here lies the situation which has become an albatross around the neck of his godson! The godson and incumbent governor is finding it very difficult to fund projects and meet other financial obligations.

It is an open secret that Governor Obaseki is totally helpless in his quest to deliver on his election promises and at the same time, cover up the bottomless and deep abyss that the comrade ex-governor left the Edo State treasury.

It is on record, that before the Comrade governor left office, pension, gratuity and salary arrears were at their crescendo which in some cases were in arrears of up to six years or even more.

Gratuities were stock piled and not given any attention.

But, while he was leaving office as governor, he approved for himself through the rubber stamp Edo State House of Assembly a whooping Sum of Two Hundred Million Naira (N200, 000,000) as pension and gratuity.

He went further and approved severance packages for cronies and family members who were either recommended by him or his old mother in Iyamho while refusing to do same for a large number of others who were more than qualified to serve the state and federal government in one capacity or the other.

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With the present government of Godwin Obaseki in place, and the insistence on doing things differently, the members of the Comrade Governor’s supposed constituency are not finding it easy with him, as every major appointment or contract zoned to the area has been hijacked by the Comrade ex-governor and his immediate family members.

Following the insistence of the Auchi Kingdom axis of Etsako West local government area to ensure that they produce the chairman of the council, the Secretary to the council was then zoned to Ibie Clan and Uzairue Clan

Instead of the Comrade governor to allow the people to lead and choose among themselves who the cap fits, he rather preferred to do what he used to accuse Chief Gabriel Igbinedion of doing and imposed his Nephew(his sister’s son) Abbas Yakubu who had doubled as SSA Domestic Affairs to Governor and member of EDSOGPADEC oil commission in the previous administration as his choice even when the decision didn’t go down well with the key stakeholders and members of the party in the area.

Just recently, the Edo State Government constituted the EDSOGPADEC oil commission board.

While calling for recommendation for nominees from members of the party, the Mother of the Comrade Governor Mrs. Aishetu Oshiomhole impressed on the Comrade to submit the name of his immediate younger brother, Alhaji Riliwanu Oshiomole as Edo North representative in the board. A decision that was greeted with loud murmurs and great displeasure.

A few days ago, a group of elders in Uzairue Clan, at the instance of the mother of the ex-Edo governor, were ordered to adopt Mr. Saeed Oshiomhole, a younger brother to Comrade Adams(same mother and father)

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as candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the forth coming 2019  general elections to represent Etsako West constituency II.

Having agreed to the directive, they met with the comrade ex-governor at Iyamho and presented the message to him as requested by his mother and adopted her choice by presenting Mr. Saeed Oshiomhole before the Comrade as their sole candidate.

Instead of the comrade governor to allow a sense of a true democrat who practices at home what he preaches outside to prevail on him, he thanked them profusely and praised them for their cooperation and rewarded the delegation with the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) each for a job well done.

Pride and Greed they say comes before a fall, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is now the national Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), his younger brother Rilwanu Oshiomhole is Edo North representative in EDSOGPADEC oil commission, his cousin is Secretary to the government of Etsako West Council Area and now wants to add the seat of the Edo State House of Assembly of his constituency as the icing on the cake of political harvest of the Oshomhole growing family dynasty.

He is preaching direct primary at the centre but, doing the contrary at home.

Someone should help us tell the comrade ex-governor to practice what he preaches!

At least, not making it so blatant and rubbing it on our faces because he has become the sole godfather here in Edo State.

By: Cosmas Garuba a Public Commentator writes from Auchi

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