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Anambra : Former Child Bride Rescured, Assisted Back To School

  • Former Child Bride Rescured, Assisted Back To School, By Anambra State Commissioner For Women Affairs;

It was an emotional moment this evening, 8th October, 2019, as Miss Chinwendu, a former Child bride, whose story went viral on social media few months ago resumed school, through the benevolence of Anambra State Commissioner For Women and Children affairs, Lady Ndidi Mezue.

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The story of Miss Chinwendu, who was forced into an arranged marriage, is one among many such stories in other states of the federation, however, here in Anambra State, the outcome was expectedly different from the rest of the pathetic stories, due to the kind intervention of Anambra State Commissioner For Women Affairs.

Futune, I can emphasized, smiled on the young girl when her illegal marriage was reported to the commissioner, who meticulously, followed up the matter by convincing the girl to walk away from the marriage, through counselling and other Psychotherapies.

The Honorable Commissioner, made sure Chinwendu, soon after walking away from the marriage, was rehabilitated, trained in fashion designing with other 100 Ndi Anambra by ITF.

Concluding the process of healing and rehabilitation, she was today, in an emotional scene, accompanied by the Honorable Commissioner, her elderly father and some staff of the ministry of women and children affairs, to the school where she will restart her education and a journey to put her life back on track.

Vincent Ezechukwu,
Awka Anambra State.

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