Saturday, 29 February, 2020

Benin Group Seek End To Charles Dokubo Amnesty Program.

Benin National Congress makes case for the dissolution of Prof. Charles Dokubo management team of the Presidential Amnesty Program on grounds of crass exclusivity of Edo people and betraying President Buhari’s commitment to Niger Delta development. 23rd September 2019.

His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR is respectfully urged to urgently consider the immediate and unconditional dissolution of the Prof. Charles Dokubo management team of the Presidential Amnesty Program on obvious grounds of narrow-mindedness of the interventionist agency, lack of complimentary impact on Federal Government youth development, as well as her brutal exclusion of Edo people from the lofty objectives of the agency as designed by Late President Umaru Musa Yar Adua. We have long held the view that the parochial interests of some Federal Government appointees account significantly for the perception of President Buhari in some quarters as lackluster and insensitive to the plight of the Niger Delta people. Otherwise, it is unthinkable that a State like Edo, which is host to the West Africa Gas Project in Oben clan, Orhionmwon LGA and arguably the largest host of gas in Niger Delta could be laughably relegated from the scheme of things by way of scholarship and skill acquisition programs of indigent youths in our oil and gas communities.

From the outset of the Amnesty program, after the disarmament and voluntary surrender era of armed militants as well as their rehabilitation, the next phase was to enlist youths from peaceful and hospitable communities in the oil rich region to engender harmony and reinforce relative peace and security of oil and gas explorations; paradoxically, the Presidential Amnesty Program has been carrying on as if the only prerequisite to be qualified for the lofty program is through armed struggle in the region; and this in our view only point to a crass misunderstanding and or mischievous misconception of the organic vision of the agency, thereby making the current management absolutely unfit to continually pilot the federal project.

Any agency of Government that sends wrong signals capable of inspiring violence or insurgency does not mean well for the federation of Nigeria; and Mr. President should waste no time in sacking such a management team.

Since coming on board, Prof. Charles Dokubo led management has continued to carry on as if the refusal by Edo youths to take to full fledge hostilities against oil and gas exploration was an anathema to their consideration as beneficiaries for scholarship and empowerment programs; meanwhile, other ethnic nationalities and very small host communities continued to benefit as if President Buhari barred Edo people from benefiting from the program. Edo people are known for peace and hospitality, however, this disposition should not be taken for granted for too long as the Presidential Amnesty Program has done, and we can no longer assure anyone of the calmness of mind of our youths as they could seek self-help in view of the perceived anti-Edo policy of the Prof. Charles Dokubo led management.

Our youths are now at crossroads as their rightful hopes for skill acquisition and scholarship program continue to elude them; and they can become more desperate with unpleasant consequences, hence we respectfully and passionately appeal for the dissolution of the current management team for a more pragmatic set of managers to steer the affairs of the federal program. Money is not everything, but, vision underpins transformation; hence we have concluded that the Prof. Charles Dokubo led management clearly lacked vision hence her discriminatory policies against Edo people; and if not sacked, the general public may conclude that President Buhari is against Edo youth development through the agency.

Comrade Amadin Idaeho – Director of Mobilization,

Benin National Congress

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