Monday, 17 February, 2020

Benin Mourns : Footballer slumps and dies in the pitch in Upper Sakponba

  The football community in Benin City has been thrown into shock following the tragic death of a football player in the field.

The player named Mike Osaretin collapsed right before the very eyes of colleagues just a few minutes into the training session of playersat the Ighodefeyi field in Upper Sakpoba, an area located in downtown Benin City in the early morning of Saturday August 4th.

A few minutes before he slumped,Osaretin had led a moving pre-training prayer for the team of non-professional players who regularly visit the field for Saturday morning training sessions.

Osaretin who was a tall gangling striker, had,moments earlier, almost scored for his side as he narrowly missed connecting a cross from his left.

With the ball at the opposite end of the pitch a little later,Osaretin then bowed down with both hands on his knees,as a sign of tiredness.Then a few seconds later,he was down on his back with his eyesballs going up.

Teammates rushed to him to try to rescusitate him and a car was quickly brought in to take him to a nearby clinic.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Akugbe medical center in Upper Sakponba area.

Shocked players and friends in Benin City described Osaetin,who was a church minister,as a good gentleman.

He will be remembered as one of the movers of football in Upper Sakponba area as he was always in the forefront of organizing football activities in the community.

About two months ago,Osaretin had told players at the pitch just before one of the training sessions that he foresaw untimely death and then led a lenghty praying session against the spirit of sudden death.

Tears flowed in the field as players trooped to the Akugbe medical center and then the fallen player’s residence to commiserate with his family.

Osaetin,who was in his 30s was survived by an aged mother.

Photo shows late Osaetin (first from left) with players at the Ighodefeyi field.

Culled from Daily Sports

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