Tuesday, 28 January, 2020

Edo State Residents Throw Support For Godwin Obaseki Over Fight Against Godfather-ism


Residents of Edo State seems to have tactically thrown their support to the Governor of Edo State ,Godwin Obaseki over his rivalry with his predecessor and national chairman of APC ,Adams Oshiomhole .

The ceaseless feud came to a political climax with the inauguration of the State House Of Assembly.The EDHA is presently divided with  constituted members  which has since been  functioning and factional members loyal to Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole that have refused to be inaugurated.

Last week protesters were seen on major streets in Benin City  protesting the directive of the Federal House of Representative to Obaseki to issue a new proclamation within one week for a fresh inauguration of the House.

In a recent interview Obaseki vowed not to allow Edo State be a pawn in anybody’s political chess game saying Godfather-ism can not be sustained.

In what seems like a swift response ,residents of Edo State have reacted to the courage and boldness with which they describe the Governor as showcasing.

According to Kelly-Daniel Oshiogwemue .”Godfatherism is alien to us, it should be discouraged by all well meaning Nigerians and by all legal means necessary. Godfatherism is the singular reason why a selected few have continued to feed fat on our collective patrimony while the vast majority of us wallow in poverty. According to Oshiomhole during his time as governor while referring to Anenih told us that “no man is God” and brought the slogan “one man, one vote”. That slogan is here to stay, let the fate of our dear state  be decided by the citizens not godfather.”

A random survey in market places, motor parks ,schools and other public outlets ,shows residents are in tandem with a zero tolerance to Godfatherism in the state.

It’s causes a break down in the distribution of good governance.
Let it be totally abolished any political office should be based on merit.What of those who don’t have Godfather and are qualify for certain job or appointment ? God i hate it– Ebhotemen Francis


Residents urged Obaseki not to be distracted and focus on delivering good governance to the people.

‘We have ended Godfatherism in Edo long time ago after the dethronement of Anenih ,No man is God”-Adams OshiomHole

I hate impostors. And Adams Oshiomhole is one of the impostors in Nigeria. As exponent of no godfatherism he turns around to become the worst godfather in Nigeria political history. The law of karma. That’s the law of retributive Justice will soon catch up with Oshiomhole.

Godfatherism inhibits growth and progress. We say  NO to Godfatherism-Osas Oboh

Godfatherism is a threat to democracy- Fred Efehi Obasuyi.

It is still more than a year to the Edo State Gubernatorial elections in 2020 but already the polity is over heated which has taken its toll on the political harmony of the state.Many believe the bedrock of the crisis is the battle for the control of the State.

According to political pundits the coming weeks would give a clearer direction on where the pendulum would swing to.

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