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GETTING IT RIGHT WITH UNOROH STEPHEN;how to stay faithful in a relationship.

Faithfulness is basically the ability to be trusted; it’s the corner stone of the character of a person.     Faithfulness is not basically following a set or lay down rule; it’s the ability of a partner to stay focused and being ones true self in a relationship, Faithfulness does not mean a partner has to fake his or her life style but being ones true self creating events for you to like being around your partner and get that irresistible bond that no other person can give to you but him or her. Faithfulness’ come from your inner man ,it’s a decision that’s taken to make a relationship a success and free of crises, to be in a crises free relationship I will talk on the principles that can lead you to a faithful  and healthy relationship, which will help you create a culture of  faithfulness in every relationship                                                                     1}FAITHFULNESS IS NOT EMOTION BUT PRINCIPLED, when relationships are emotionally based you tend to fake the faithfulness because you loved the partner because you wanted something or you were attracted by mere physical features  like fancy hips, handsomeness not taken into considerations the character of that person you want to go into a relationship with. In such situation when you see a more sexy hips or a more handsome man you engage in unfaithfulness   because   you were never in love so you can never stay faithful, set down a principle for your supposed partner to be and follow those instructions with that any time any day you will always love that partner no matter what.                               2} FAITHFULNESS  IS  STATEMENT  DRIVEN ,when going into a relationship you profess and go for your type of woman or man you want not going into a relationship because  you just want fun and the best way to stay faithful in a relationship is by admiring your partner and his or her qualities ,openly commend  and flatter  him or her always speak to him or her  make your feeling known because many a time most partners slip away from faithfulness when they don’t speak up what troubles them and an outsider gets to understand your mood and gets in-between  your relationship just know you have loosed it and such will always continue in subsequent relationships  so  be outspoken and  clear.                      3}FAITHFULNESS WILL COST YOU OTHER RELATIONSHIPS ,to be faithful in a relationship one of the most important principle to keep is time and unnecessary  movement , keeping late nights because such movements will increase your chances of being unfaithful  and distracted  spending time with an opposite sex should be done in the company of your partner so other possibilities of seduction will be put out and lastly don’t discuss your partner with your friends or relatives work out your differences  together no matter what always try out  something  new  with your partner it keeps and makes relationships stronger and healthier.                                                                                                                          4}DON’T HOLD DOWN INFORMATION FROM PARTNER, The greatest thing that makes you unfaithful is when you start hiding information from your partner  ,being in a relationship is you open to your partner like a book ready to be read any time he or she has to understand you totally .information  is the vital key in a relationship  which holds or keeps a relationship always talk about yourself and daily activities when you make that a habit you find out you don’t have to do nasty things because you are open to your partner and when you do that  your bonding is stronger and relationship breakers just run away because they see there is nothing you don’t know about your partner. Most especially to have that strong convincing power that will make your partner be faithful to you, let all your actions be known.  do not be a mystery person to your partner by doing hide and seek . Let all your relationships with the opposite sex be  known and most especially your ex because situations may arise so he or she can stand by you.  Be  open about your finances and discus s every future plans .be fully assured that you are convinced about your partner before going into marriage with him or her if not  unfaithfulness will set in.

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