Monday, 20 January, 2020

How a man sent his wife with children to Dubai, but she betrayed him.

I love my wife so much that any thing she requested for I’ll give her without any hesitation.

One day she told she want to travel to Dubai with our kids for holiday I agreed and arrange for their travelling passport.

Two weeks after she got there, she stop communicating with me infact she blocked me off on facebook and WhatsApp I tried all my possible best to reach her but could not.

I called my younger sister who base is in Dubai to help me find out why she cut her ties with me, and what is happening to her, my sister did her findings and she discovered that my wife of which I trusted so much is going out with some big boys, she’ll sleep with them and collect money (Prostitution) on hearing this I became so devastated, so i traveled to Dubai to meet her, when she saw me she snubbed me and abuse hell out of me, I felt so sad, she couldn’t say what i did wrong to deserve such humiliation from her, well, I picked my kids and travel back to Nigeria.

3months later she came back and said it was the devil, begging me with some members of her family to accept her back. Please advise me what should I do am so confuse.

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Should I accept her back or marry someone else?

One comment on “How a man sent his wife with children to Dubai, but she betrayed him.


marry anotha but u may think twice because the better the devils u know than the angels u dont know


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