Thursday, 05 December, 2019

Many Protest As Jesus Is Arrested For Walking On Water in US (Photos)

Jesus has been arrested after walking on

water in Philadelphia’s Love Park, USA.

A street performer Michael Grant or ‘Philly

Jesus’ is a local celebrity in Philadelphia’s


His favorite pastime is walking on water in the park’s fountains, and occasionally baptizing people.And although police is convinced that Jesus violates public order, “Messiah’s”supporters are ready to do everything possible to release him out of prison.

Philly Jesus is arrested, Philadelphia, USA

According to police reports, Grant was

arrested for disorderly conduct when he

refused to leave the park. Hundreds of

people are now protesting online using #

FreePhillyJesus hashtag, to have Grant’s

charges dropped.

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Addressing to his fans Grant says, “All is

well. This is just pushing me towards the

best of me. You’re always gonna have your haters. People are not gonna like what they don’t understand. I love the hate. Keep the hate coming: Be patient, because the war is coming.”Grant is a recovering drug addict, who says he just spreads God’s message via

the medium of splashing about in fountains. Grant was arrested more than a dozen times between 2005 and 2013

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