Saturday, 25 January, 2020

My Husband Has 32 Mistresses And Yet Insist On Marrying My Niece-Lady Laments

A lady from Kenya has written to relationship expert Stephen Unoroh the anchor of Getting It Right With STEPHEN UNOROH , to lament over her husbands insistence of marrying a second wife who happens to be her niece despite he has 32 relationship outside their marriage.

See her message as shared by the relationship expert..

Dear Stephen thanks a lot for taking out time to attend to people’s relationship problems my God would bless you richly for that.

Sir i don’t know what to do my husband is currently having an affair with my niece the Daughter  to my late elder sister. I have endured my marriage for this long with my husband who feels because he is a multi millionaire he can get away with all sorts of emotional turmoil which he gives me.We have been married for over a decade now and we have 4 kids together .

My husband is deeply into philandering and has at least 32 mistresses .I have endured all this but now he wants to fully disgrace me and bring me to public ridicule insisting on marrying my niece. A girl who i brought in after the death of my sister.Because my husband trained her in University he now says he wishes to marry her and he has been sleeping with her for the past 2 years.

Please am confused and totally heartbroken , i have had the idea of committing suicide but scared of what would happen to my kids.Please how can i stop this abomination?

Well least i forget my husband takes care of me and the kids way beyond my dreams.I have 2 houses to my name in which i collect the rents and have 4 choice cars with uncountable jewelry.

Please post and advice me on what to do.

Your loyal most adherent fan Worried Lady



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