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My husband wants me to have babies with his son who is an imbecile – Frustrated wife laments

This is a thrilling story of a rich housewife who is confused about a decision to take. Her problems seem to be which of the right decisions to make either in giving in to her Husband’s demands or walking away from the marriage.

She claims the husband wants her to have babies with his son who is physically challenged.

listen to her story as she narrates it to relationship expert, Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of iRelationship make or mar.

Hello Osigwe how are you doing? Please publish.

I am married to this rich old Alhaji who spends and showers money on me like no other.

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He has an aviation company in one of the Eastern countries in Africa.

I am his personal assistant on domestic affairs so am always stationed in his Houses in Nigeria.

I have made so much money from the marriage which I have saved, I have houses and shopping malls scattered in Lagos, Abuja and Senegal.

I am a Senegalese married to a Kano man.

Money can never be my problem.

Now my husband is getting aged and fears he can’t father a child anymore and wants me to have babies for his only Son who his physically challenged.

He should be about 40 years and his father my husband fears he would never have kids because no woman has ever agreed to sleep with him.

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Now my husband who is no longer active on bed wants me to bed his son.

He says we should keep the wealth within us.

He promises that if I can have at least a child for the boy he would leave everything all his properties and wealth for me knowing fully well it would be his grandchild that would be the final beneficiary.

Now am 35 and closing in on menopause but my husband is unaware I have a child out of wedlock.

My secret child is known to my husband but he feels he’s my younger sister our last born because myself and my father lied to him that she was the last that my mum gave birth to before she died.

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We alleged she died during the process of giving birth to her.

She’s presently in Senegal.

Please am confused on what to do, am thinking of bolting away with my own money which runs into billions or giving in to his demand which might see me become one of the richest women in Africa if he dies and I succeed in giving his son a child.

Please, this is an urgent issue that I need a quick response.

least I forget his son is like a brother to me.

Best regards


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One comment on “My husband wants me to have babies with his son who is an imbecile – Frustrated wife laments


At first was it not money that made u to fall for this alhaij …. So why u want to back out now……when the real the deal want to happend….. To me I will adivce to do it…..u should end what u start …


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