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Nigerians Roast Immigration Service For Exposing Passport And Data Of Nigerian Who Destroyed Vehicles At UK High Commission

Yesterday a Frustrated Nigerian went berserk and destroyed vehicles belonging to Nigeria Immigration service at the UK high commission after claims of deliberating frustrating his passport issuance .

After the ugly incidence the immigration service took to it tswitter handle to publish the passport of the man saying his passport was ready since June 7th and wondered why he was not patient enough to follow due process in collecting his travel documents but instead resorted to vandalism of its vehicles purchased with tax payers money.

See Tweet Below…..

The attention of the Comptroller General of Immigration Service, Muhammad Babandede MFR has been drawn to a very disturbing incident involving a citizen who went to our Mission in London for Passport services. He arrived late&was told by the Security that the Mission

has closed for the day; moreover, he had no collection slip if at all he could be allowed in. He got angry and went about destroying Nigeria’s diplomatic vehicles worth several hundreds of thousands of tax payers money. The Passport in question has been issued since 6th of June.

Nigerians have since condemned the immigration service for not protecting the privacy of the offender calling on him to immediately begin proceedings to sue the body for revealing his Bio Data to the whole world on social media.

See some tweets below

12 hours ago

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I’m back to this. This should worry every Nigerian. In an age where data is currency, this is deeply worrying o. How am I sure my personal information is secure with Nigerian immigration?



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I am beginning to agree with Nnamdi Kanu’s assertion that Nigeria is a Zoo, infact a zoo is better. Nigeria is a jungle. What kind of disrespect for law and privacy is this?

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There’s no justification for ANY sort of violence or vandalism on life & properties — however if you’re conversant with how Nigerians are treated by embassy officials, you’ll question if you’re really a Nigerian. The way Nigerians are treated at Nigerian embassies is appalling!



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do you see what I mean 🤷🏿‍♀️. They couldn’t even use the simple tools on their phone to edit the man’s details. Why does the world need to know his passport number for crying out loud? The whole Nigerian immigrant centre really needs a revamp.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 No data to protect in Nigeria

Bio is a joke 🤣🤣🤣


14 hours ago


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UK police will sue d guy 4 gbp40k n he will pay (if he doesn’t have a lawyer 2 prove they used bad service delivery 2 frustrate him). Then he will sue d nigerian mission in London 4 posting his data page on d internet. Once again..very stupid pple in govt..wil cost nigeria money

11 hours ago

You be conclusionist😁

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Issued since 6th June, then give it to him! You must not unnecessarily stress your citizens! Issued since June 6th and it’s June 18th already! Give him his gadamn passport! Taaaarh!



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You’ll do nothing to address the syndicate within you that charges people astronomical amounts of money to process their passport or frustrate their efforts to go through a DIY route. Acting all brand new. Dpmo.


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This is wrong , delete

has no business with this issue .. has he turned to Twitter NG judge ?? Allow him to rest abeg

Madam , how are you ma, I hope everything is ok ma , God bless us all , I hope I’m still on my TL and not your handle

12 hours ago


Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Olatunde. I have had a word.

18 hours ago


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Why displaying the bio-data page of his passport? You people are also tarnishing the image Nigeria by doing so.

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This is so wrong broadcasting the details of the offender. Data Protection law

23 hours ago

But he can be so useless to destroyed government properties abi ? He’s mad !!!

Until you get to that door, you cannot possibly judge or condemn. Just also know that, Metropolitan Police is not Nigeria Police. MP will listen to him to find out what led to his outburst. He could plea diminished responsibility and get let off with a warning or fine.

That is if Nigeria govt doesn’t liaise with the MP police to turn the case around and make him the total culprit. Every govt can do and undo oo…

It’s funny that u think the Nigerian Govt has any hold or power to coerce the British Police/Govt

Its VERY funny, my brother. The gentle has a very exaggerated impression of his country’s govt. ☺

Not his hand writing. Somebody did that for him on his behalf.

Haq haq haq haq

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