Monday, 27 January, 2020

NYSC unveils proper dress code for corps members

The NYSC has released a guide on how corps members should dress – The DG of the scheme expressed dismay at the defacing of the NYSC’s outfit and warned that those who do this will be dealt with.

He assured that the scheme would not trample on the rights of members but warned them to stick to the dress code which has been the same since 1973 when NYSC started.

Following the dismissal of two Ebonyi corps members for improper dressing, the leadership of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has released guide and photos for proper dress code for the scheme.

In a statement posted on its official Twitter handle on Monday, November 11, the scheme said its director-general, Brig Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim, is concered about the negative perception of the Scheme’s dress code. This, he said, arises mostly from some corps members’ disobedience to the dictates of the code. He noted that the NYSC has maintained one dress code which was devoid of ethnic, religious or gender biases since 22nd May, 1973 when it was established. The dress code, he said, was and still is – depending on the activity – a pair of khaki trousers and shirt; crested vest; white vest; a pair of white shorts; a pair of zebra – stripped socks; a pair of jungle boots; a pair of canvas; belt and fez cap.

According to the DG: “Any other dress code, contrary to the officially sanctioned one will not promote the course of decency.” NYSC says no skirts, slim-fitted trousers, baggies and other improper styles.

The statement added: “The Management observed with dismay the defacing of the NYSC uniform by some Corps Members by reshaping their khaki trousers, making them skin – tight which unduly exposes their curvatures, particularly the female Corps Members. Some others in the name of religion turn the pair of trousers issued to them into skirt.

“It is apt to state that NYSC does not issue hijab as part of the dress code. Rather, the Scheme permits the use of white hijab which must not be more than shoulder length and must be tucked into the uniform. The policy of allowing hijab which does not deface the NYSC uniform is not new as it has been there.” notes that NYSC’s dress guide came just days after two members of the scheme currently undergoing a 3-week orientation course for the 2019 Batch C Stream 1 in Ebonyi, were dismissed from the orientation camp for refusing to wear trousers.

The two corps members Okafor Love Obianuju with registration number EB/19C/0523 and Odji Oritsetsolaye (EB/19C/0530) were seen in camp wearing skirts in place of the white shorts required of them. The ladies, who stood their ground, stated it was against their faith to wear trousers and were subsequently dismissed.


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