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Saturday, 19 October, 2019

Six Steps to make Nigeria a Great Nation – Roland E. IDIMI (UBIOMOR)


“A nation is developed with ideas. Development of Nigeria is simple. What we need are the below six steps:’’

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1. Restructure Nigeria to a true Federal State with resources control in line with the ideas of our founding fathers and the principles of the 1954 Constitution of Nigeria.

2. Revise the Nigerian Gas Master Plan to ensure that there is a gas pipeline system from the Niger Delta to all States of the Federation.

3. Each state of the Federation has to master plan at least one Industrial City with Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Status for Industrial localization and development.

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4. All States of the Federation has to develop a minimum of 5000 hectares of agricultural plantation for development of agro-allied raw materials.

5. Development of transportation and logistics infrastructure like roads, rail and decentralisation of our ports.

6. Development of the Nigerian solid mineral and steel industry. To act as source of raw materials to other industries.

When these six goals form the basis of our national development planning, Nigeria shall then truly become the giant of Africa and the pride of the black race.


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