Tuesday, 21 January, 2020

Take this test if you suspect your partner is cheating

This is for all the people that have an idea that their partner is cheating, but is just not sure.


Note: Don’t take this test if you don’t want to learn the truth.




Does your partner walk out of the room when their phone rings?


Never, my partner always talks around me


Most of the time, but there is always a good reason


Sometimes because of the noise level


Every time and it is really annoying




Has your partner been spending more time at the office?


There are some late nights with no phone calls


Yeah, a lot of late nights at the office


There are a few late nights but they always call


Nope, my partner is always home with me at night




Does your partner take extra time getting ready in the morning?

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Some mornings they take more time


I notice a small effort in the morning


Nope, they stay in bed until the last minute


Oh yeah, they take forever




Has your partner joined a gym or started taking better care of their body?


No way. I wish that they would join a gym!


We are getting into shape together and feeling good about it.


They are getting into shape and feeling good about themselves.


Yeah, they joined a gym and I have to pay the bill for the gym




Have you noticed any hairs or different smells in their car?


I do not go into the car much, but when I do it smells like a car


I found a hair and it was explained away.


The car is so dirty it is hard to tell what is new or old.

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I wish there was a different smell, it smells nasty.




Has your partner cheated on you in the past?


My partner has never cheated before


Do not think so, but it is possible


All the time, I should know the signals by now


Not sure, maybe




Does your partner have a Myspace or Facebook page?


Yeah, they do and they have a lot of friends on there that I do not know


Yeah, but they say it is for business.


No way, my partner is never on the computer


I am not sure, I will have to check that out.




Has there been any late nights or all nights lately?


No way, that would be really bad.


Yeah, they stay out all night on the weekends.


Yeah, but they always have a great excuse


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Only when they are unable to drive home.




Have you noticed any unknown charges on the credit card?


There are some, but they are always explained when asked


No way, we always tell each other about new charges.


There are some, but they are careless


Yeah, I have and that is not good




Does your partner shower before coming to bed after being out late?


No, it is usually right to bed.


Yeah all the time, should I be worried


They do, but tell me its because they are dirty.


Sometimes, but I agree that they should shower because they stink.


How did that go?




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Let us know how you did and good luck.




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