Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

The Evil Deeds And Atrocities Going on In Churches In Anambra state- Uncovered

It’s not because I purposely insist on not going to church, it’s because the youths who make up my school, Anambra have turned the churches around into an unholy ground where they meet to “praise God” for the numerous atrocities they committed during the course of the week.

I have been to Garden Of Virtue before, and I couldn’t stay till the end, because I knew that if truly there was a God, he’d be crying in heaven.

Garden of virtue is likened to the Anambra’s former slogan “home for all”. That church houses cultists, thieves, fornicators and even our “Wonderful” Nigerian lecturers.

The same way with love ministries, Christ policies, not to mention but a few.

Before some religious bigot comes here and quote Psalm 119 for me, doing the same thing over and over again without genuine repentance just means you are taking God for a fool. I know one of the girl who leads the choir in one of those churches, and I marvel at what gives her the guts to kneel down and claim she’s singing to God.

I specifically know an usher who’s studying part time and also a full timer in sugar daddy business. But every Sunday, she dresses up like Saint Theresa and goes to worship God.. Well, she could probably be thanking him for providing her latest sugar daddy.

The boys are not left out. Most of them come to church with the sole aim of finding a sleep-mate for the weekend. It’s not an uncommon thing in Anambra when trying to woo a girl and she tells you “Come to my church on Sunday”. Coming to her church means taking the prospective relationship to the next level, and also her asking God if you were the right guy for her.

Don’t ask me how I know, a lot of you guys can testify to this.

The youths in my school have so much demoralised the church that they look forward to “youth’s Night vigil” like its a day for club. At a point I began to wonder if the church was now an avenue for “falling in love” . Maybe the hands raised up in the sky and shedding of crocodile tears actually make our youths fall in love with each other. Because, I can’t seem to understand why a night vigil would be going on and a girl would be laying down on a boy’s laps, or you’d catch a few making out at the back of the church.

Don’t ask me how I know these things because I’ve seen them with my own eyes!

Most Pentecostal churches in the school environment are filled with the kind of people who inhabited Sodom and Gomorrah in those days. The pastors who preside over these churches do little or nothing to ensure that these souls are genuinely saved. All they care about is the offerings and tithes they collect from these children of the world.

I have resolved in my heart never to attend any of those end time churches again. I rather stay in my house and worship God than to be part of the numerous attrocities going on inside the house of God.


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