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Tips For Surviving Black Friday

Wow, its thanksgiving again and Black Friday is just around the corner.
You sure wanna make your Black Friday shopping awesome and avoid the stress, drama and drifting spending associated with hassles of Black Friday shopping. Well, to save time, get the right location, best travel deals, healthy shopping, etc then this quick guide is absolutely necessary for an awesome 2019 Black Friday Shopping.

Here are eleven tips I suggest you go through carefully while getting set for the forthcoming Black Friday Shopping.


1 Planning: Start your plans now, know your preferred city to shop, evaluate prices, check out the best deals offered and make your flight bookings right away.
It is imperative you start your plans now by checking out the best deals offered and the right city to go shopping. You can take advantage of the social media handles of your favourite shopping outlets to check out their best deals and prices. With this, you can do a comparative analysis of what specifically you want and where to get it.
What deals are you making as regards your flight arrangement? getting a good flight deal is ideal.

So for cheap flights, flight booking and awesome flight deal make comparisons.


2  Create A Shopping List: What are your needs? what are your priorities and what specifics do you require? This is a very important process to get you well prepared for your Black Friday shopping.

Make a comprehensive list of what you require, the gift items the quantity, etc.. get your list handy.


3 Budget: You sure don’t wanna go regretting after your black Friday shopping on overshooting your budget right? since you have done your price analysis then know your budget and stick to your budget. Remain focussed on what you really need.


4 Leverage on your brand: You might have had a brand you have consistently purchased their products right? lookout for the promos for loyal customers and take advantage of that, it could be a coupon or other incentives look out for them and include it in your budget.


5 Personal Safety: Shopping on Black Friday could be such a herculean task due to the huge crowd expected at malls. So make sure you have enough rest and save enough energy for your shopping day.

Eat healthy, stay hydrated and factor the weather consideration of where you are shopping and dress In conformity.

You can consult online sources for the weather forecast and idea dress code to go shopping.
Learn basic steps on how to manipulate survival techniques in a crowded mall, if possible do mock rehearsals.


6 Shop with credit card preferably: This is the best most efficient way to shop during Black Friday.

Avoid going with cash but if you must, then factor in protection mode for your cash, you don’t want to lose your money to pickpockets or other unforeseen forces. (smiles)


7 Go early: To be on a safe side make it early to your shopping destination to avoid the rush hour. Also, we recommend you make use of the services of a  TAXI  on your shopping day to avoid being stressed out with driving since you probably would leave very early in the day.


8 The More the merrier: Consider going for your shopping with friends or family members, you sure need more hands to get things done easier. Also delegating and division of shopping can be leveraged with this.


9 Don’t  Buy at Random: You had a plan, you had a list, stick to it don’t get carried away with attractive offers that are not in your priority list.
Read the terms of agreements before buying, ascertain the state of the goods at the time of purchase.


10 Make concerted efforts to know what their competitors offer: This is also key in having a great Black Friday shopping, knowing what their competitors offer makes you have good bargaining power.


11 Focus: Lastly, focus on your shopping and don’t get distracted by the crowd,  follow the rules and shop safely.

I hope you have an awesome Black Friday Shopping ahead.

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