Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

We had sex with our teachers in other to pay our fees

In the wake of the expulsion of seven female students of Ejisuman SHS in Ghana after their video surfaced via web-based networking media requesting that their fellow young ladies should allow boys to have sex with them.

The girls were expelled for going against three laws of the school aside giving the school a bad image.

In new development , another female student has turned out to say that some of them have sex with their teachers just to have the option to pay their school fees.

As indicated by the 21-year-old girl, some of them are confronted with genuine financial issues back in their particular homes and the main way they can have the option to pay their expenses is to trade their bodies for cash.

She included that since a portion of the school teachers have likewise noticed the financial difficulties of some of the female students in the school, they capitalize on that to have sex with them as a method for aiding or supporting them.

She said the teachers take steps to fail them during tests or exams in the off chance that they will not give in to their sexual needs.

“A portion of the young ladies consent to doing this just to pay their fees. In my quest to pay my school fees, I once laid down with one of the teacher when the school authority wanted to chase those of us owing from school. since I had nobody to pay my school expenses, I consented to have intercourse with him when he moved toward me with the idea.

He further said he would make sure am expelled in the event that I reveal details of our sexual affairs to anybody,” she noted.

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