An Insight into Existing Infrastructures in Sapele Industrial City by R. Ediri IDIMI (UBIOMOR)



The picture below shows the existing Ogorode Power Station in the proposed Energy and Power District of Sapele Industrial City (SICITY). One unique feature of the SICITY is that it is located in an area of strategic natural geography and geology.

The SICITY is located in an area with access to Ocean, existing road network, proximity to an existing designated international airport (Osubi Airport), proximity to existing railway network, access to raw materials and also access to abundant energy sources (oil and gas).

The SICITY is already existing in reality with different oil and gas, manufacturing, power companies currently operating within the location and naturally divided into:

1. Oil and Gas District,
2. Energy and Power District,
3. Jetty and Port Terminals,
4. Manufacturing District,
5. Business District,
6. Residential Districts.

The development concepts of the SICITY is to Master Plan the SICITY as Save Haven Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and create the basic infrastructure and policies required to optimally attracts both local and foreign investors to come and set up their businesses and manufacturing plants with a view to make it a private sector driven industries.

The SICITY shall be of great benefits to everyone. The Federal Government of Nigeria and Delta State Government shall use it to drive the Nigerian economic diversification and create alternative source of revenue to Government. It shall create employment and wealth opportunities for the Nigerian people and Deltans in particular and help to solve some of the many socioeconomic problems which include insecurity.


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