Awesome:Short Zimbabwean actor Themba Ntuli finally ties the knot in lovely ceremony (photos)



There is someone for everyone and this is even more obvious going by the rate of people who get married despite their deficiencies.

Most women love to go for men who are as big in stature as they are or even bigger. Perhaps this is so that they can feel protected and taken care of.

However not everyone can have a big stature and some people are even born as dwarfs. Despite that, love does not elude them and a number of them have been able to find love and get married.

Popular Zimbabwean actor, Themba Ntuli, recently got married to the love of his life, Hope, at a beautiful ceremony.

What makes their union even more special is the fact that Themba is a pint-sized actor while Hope is a tall and curvy woman.

Upon sighting their wedding photos, some might think that 28-year-old Hope got married to a child, but Themba is actually a 27-year-old man. Their wedding was nothing short of beautiful.

See photos from the occasion below:

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