Monday, 09 December, 2019

Battle for 2019:Chris Nehikhare’s narrative of Atiku’s triumphant entry to Benin City 


Edo is AtikuNation.

Edo state was Atikulated yesterday as H.E. Atiku Abubakar came to campaign.

The Campaign ground was filled to capacity as early as 10am. 30 maybe 40 thousand people. Men, Women, youths and physically challenged danced and sang along to the Atikulation jingles, music of Africa China and a host of other musicians including Onigbese as well as Laughed at the rib cracking jokes of Gordons and Clint the drunk to mention a few… the campaign was now a carnival!

At around 3pm, I was getting worried that the people were getting restless and may start living the venue. It had been a long, hot day! The Presidential campaign team was running late!

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At 4pm, I could swear that we had lost about 25% of the crowd as in my opinion, the ground was thining out.

From my vantage position at Garrick Memorial School ground, I could spot jet after jet fly past, towards the airport to land. I suspected it was Atiku and his team. At this point, We tried to reenergise the place… We soon got confirmation that The Eagle had landed. We announced it… but the crowd was wary, understandably!

At a few minutes past 5pm, I could only see flashing lights, the sound of sirens lost in the frenzy that evelopped Garrick Memorial School ground! Cries of Atiku rent the air, an ecstatic crowd surged, only God knows from where, the ground was filled and maybe it may have surpassed my initial 40 thousand estimate to nearer 50 thousand. It was a sight to behold!

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Edo is AtikuNation. Edo is Atikulated!

Atiku’s message was clear… for a better life and better Nigeria, vote PDP.


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