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#BBNaija 2019: Nigerians React As Housemate Jackye Says ‘She Is A Virgin’

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Jackye says she is a virgin and this has really got tongues wagging on social media.


Reactions have trailed Big Brother Naija Housemate, Jackye’s revelation that she is a virgin.

Jackye had on Monday night while having a discussion with some housemates on relationship disclosed that she is a virgin despite being in a relationship with her boyfriend for six years.

“I am a virgin, I’m in a relationship that is meaningful, I could have given it to anyone but my man gives me anything that I need to soar, fly.” She said.

Her statement has since stirred diverse reactions from Nigerians online.

While some Nigerians applaud her, others called her a ‘liar’.

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Yup! That’s what #BBNaija Housemate #Jackye said earlier today! Here’s what else she’s told us about herself: 

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Here are some comments gathered by DAILy POST from Twitter:

@Kingbenone “I like every single words that came out of her, I don’t know if its true that she’s a virgin but that’s what a good woman who is ready to build a home should do. I love u girl, God bless and guide your man.”

@Iammahizdiamond “Another before virgin that can’t leave her relationship. Well, we shall see. I don’t trust those men (not guys).”

@Admasj7 “For the fact that she didn’t give any reason or reasons to why she has not had sex before, then, I can’t believe her lies. Being in a relationship for 6yrs no sex is possible, but, with REASONS, please!

@iam_alexbrown “Jackye is obviously playing to script.”

@Omuyaa “Out of 5000 men before you find one that would stay without sex in a relationship for 6years is hard.People and lies o.”

@Kingjoefrancis “She is really making sense on what she is saying but I can’t believe is still a virgin.”

@Bhaylee “I have a girlfriend I haven’t touched for four years and she is still a virgin with proper checking anytime we meet. It is all about vision.”

@Passionpeggy “Virgin No.1. Ceec was a virgin too but she grabbed something.”

@Davidgbeke “6yrs wit her holy Rev father called boyfriend,she is just lying.”

@VanquishQuesti1 “6 years in a relationship but you’re a virgin oh wow that’s very unlikely.”

@Haridahjunior “You’re a virgin that have been in a relationship with a man for complete 6 dear you lie.”

@TessyHyzeek “Jackye chats some sense sha, at least she’s better than you people who have million body count from jumping from preeq to preeq.”

Just like her spirit animal the lioness, Jackye is a fierce hunter who led her software engineering team to winning a contract to build a Fintech app for one of the biggest companies in Africa.

The 23-year-old has only had one boyfriend her entire life and she relaxes by watching football, playing games and eating spaghetti, her favourite meal.

Her life mantra is, “I never lose, either I win or I learn.”

What irritates you most in other people: When they are slow – I’m not a fan of slow people.

What will you do with the prize money: I will invest it in an ongoing tech project which will make AI affordable to Nigerians.

Why will you be a fan favorite: I don’t know if people will like me.

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