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2022 a great year for Nigeria – Gov Emmanuel



Emmanuel Udom
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The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, said on Saturday 2022 would be a great year for the state and the country.

Emmanuel, who stated this during a New Year Service at Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion Diocese of Uyo, expressed the optimism that the state and country would not face similar challenges encountered in 2021.

The church service was attended by the governor’s wife, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel and members of the state executive council.

Emmanuel told the congregation that God would reveal his successor soon.

He said: ‘’Today is New Year’s day, I stand here to wish everybody a happy new year, I pray that this year shall be a much better year for us as a country and for us as a state and for you as an individual and your family.

‘’Our theme as a state is that ‘There Shall Be a Performance’ of what the Lord has told me as a governor, as a leader. And if what God is telling you is different from what He is telling me it means it is not from God, it could be a personal opinion.

this year shall be a year of that performance of what God has told me including my successor. So if anybody mentions anything to you know that it is not from God, it can’t be different from what God has told me and shown unto me.

“What is happening in our state, a lot of people may not understand. Jesus Christ said hereinafter you will understand. A lot of people may not understand and we can pardon them because so many people that write and talk in social media, of them are never exposed to what is happening around the globe.

“So when they see things, instead of giving thanks and all the glory to God, they say things that will not glorify God.”

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