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2023: How Jonathan And Kwankwanso’s Candidacy Will Take PDP By Surprise Put APC In Quandary By Osigwe Omo- Ikirodah



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2023: How Jonathan And Kwankwanso’s Candidacy Will Take PDP By Surprise Put APC In Quandary By Osigwe Omo- Ikirodah

Nigeria is on the march again, in the next 12 months the country would be set for another round of elections that would usher in new leadership across the Federation. The presidential election no doubt would be the main focus of the 2023 general elections and no politician worth one’s salt would sit idle without actively participating.

According to permutations and political forecast, the PDP would be presenting a formidable candidate to tackle the APC which happens to be the ruling party. The PDP would have a herculean task ahead with this mission because the APC is set to crush any opposition against its candidate.

From investigations carried out diligently, the PDP may have a surprise package for Nigerians if the information gathered from sources is to be taken seriously.

Here is currently the deep intrigues playing out in both the APC and PDP that Nigerians may not be aware of.

There is a grand strategy to present ex-President Goodluck Jonathan as a presidential candidate with former Kano State Governor Musa Kwankwanso going in as his running mate.

The intriguing part of this game is that both candidates are exposed to both parties. Let me start with the conspiracy within the APC.

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Some power chunks in the APC who are very grounded in politicking are actively involved in truncating Tinubu’s presidency by presenting Goodluck Jonathan as the APC presidential candidate.

This cabal believes in Jonathan’s presidency for various reasons.  This cabal may have failed with the APC because of Tinubu’s domineering clout in the party. Any slight on the part of the Jagaban would be disastrous for the APC.

Information reaching our news desk has it in good authority that Jonathan does not want to hear anything battle with Tinubu under the same party. And to be candid any smart politician would avoid Tinubu in APC.

To this Jonathan has given his words that the APC is not an option which brings to fore the battle strictly playing out in PDP.

Before I go further with how it would be won in PDP let me digress a little bit and talk about the challenge of Kwankwanso’s vice-presidential candidacy in the APC.

There are strong politicking going on that Musa Kwanwanso should run as a vice-presidential candidate under Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in APC.

This would mean a Muslim Muslim ticket which seems to be another great hurdle to cross by any party that fields such an arrangement. Kwankwanso himself is also disposed to this arrangement.

For the PDP presently former Vice President, Atiku Abubarkar seems to be calling the shots, his networking is so strong that already it looks like the PDP has conceded the ticket to him.

The Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki is eyeing the vice-presidential slot under Atiku’s presidency and this may clash with the interest of the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike who is also gunning for the vice-presidential slot under Atiku.

The permutation is that if either Obaseki or Wike emerges as the vice president to Atiku it would be a clean sweep for the South-South by PDP. This may be true or not, it is now left for the electorates to have the final say.

Herein lies the ambush by the PDP echelons rooting for GEJ. According to them Jonathan’s candidacy paired with Musa Kwankwaso would devastate any combination of Atiku with any other South-South Governor tagged together.

Musa Kwankwaso has larger cult-like followership than Atiku in the North, he may not have the resources close to Atiku but his goodwill among the Arab Nations would see that finance would be the last thing to be worried about.

Atiku knows how to play with finance when it comes to electioneering but Kwankwanso has a more grassroots appeal than Atiku, so the battle in the PDP would be between Atiku and Kwankwanso in the North.

Take note if PDP fields a northerner as its presidential candidate the APC would deploy strong propaganda amongst the Western Nations to truncate such an arrangement.

Just like the same way PDP would frustrate a Muslim-Muslim ticket with propaganda if the APC should give it a try.

Then in the South-South, the battle would be between GEJ and Wike or Obaseki depending on how the case may be. Both Wike and Obaseki are quite popular in the South-South.

So Jonathan’s popularity would ensure it does Justice to the threat from Wike and Obaseki. If this ticket sees the light of the day then the APC may be in trouble in the general elections.

If Buhari keeps to his words of not unduly interfering in the elections then it would be a tough battle.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu which seems to be the frontline aspirant in the APC may have a problem choosing a Christian running mate that would be as popular as the PDP’s vice presidential candidate, Musa Kwankwaso who is actually a phenomenon in the North.

We won’t be spilling the whole gist out in just an article, expect more insight from us as we navigate you through the electoral process leading to the 2023 general elections.

My name is Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and I am writing from Bush Radio Academy.

All Rights Reserved, copyright protected.


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