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Battle For 2023 Presidency: Atiku Loses Steam As Tinubu Leaps Three Steps Ahead



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Battle For 2023 Presidency: Atiku Loses Steam As Tinubu Leaps Three Steps Ahead

This is April  2021 and in less than 22 months away Nigerians would be gathered to vote in their preferred choice to take over the baton from President Buhari. Nigerians are excited at a fresh opportunity to decide who would steer the ship of the Nation for another four years.

So it is quite expected that the sequence would attract much attention from Nigerians and the world at large.

Some Nigerians expect a new WORLD ORDER to take FORCE and entirely birth a new set of leaders totally apart from the usual political platforms we have. But unfortunately, this set of Nigerians might just be the problem we have all this while. Unpatriotic, lazy and hypocritical they have refused to gather together to push their resolve yet they expect the OLD ORDER to come to their senses and do the needful and hand over power to the NEW WORLD ORDER that is yet to be defined. (since they claim to know the right thing)

Everything of excellence has a trajectory of growth, an antecedent of performance, even a child that is the most talented can never get recognized from the womb, the child must be given birth to and manifest the talent inherent in him/her by doing the needful, and with time the child would be rewarded for all to see.

Less than two years away from the presidential election this set of people are still wailing and lamenting for a new set of leaders when they have refused to do the needful in creating a new set of leaders.

The minority will always have their say and the majority have their way, you don’t give what you don’t have.

The race to the presidency is not a child’s game and only the big fishes swim in that ocean. The presidency involves a lot hence you see political leaders contesting multiple times before finally clinching the crown.

Consultations are the order of the day across the Nation, aspirants for various elective positions are jumping from one place to the other in search of endorsements from stakeholders.

One man who seems lost in the whole set up is Atiku Abubarkar, the former vice -president who has since relocated to Dubai has been out of the public glare for a long while. He speaks only through his social media handles just like every other politician does.

Atiku who himself is a serial contestant like the incumbent President has deep pockets and a wide network, it is expected that anytime and any day Atiku would always secure his party’s ticket ahead of any other aspirant. As a matter of fact, the only time Atiku lost a presidential ticket was when he was defeated by Buhari to take third place in the APC presidential primaries.

That defeat that year demystified  Atiku, it was a thing of shock that Musa Kwankwaso even came ahead of Atiku in that presidential primaries.

Atiku is bold and always goes for what he wants without any apologies, two years away from the next presidential elections the frontline presidential aspirant has lost some steam. Ordinarily, at this time it is either the Ex VP is plotting to take over a political party to fly its ticket or the Adamawa prince is out there on a tour across the Nation.

The political general is still in Dubai probably strategising from afar and plotting the next script. But in reality, Atiku seems to have lost some steam as regards his rumoured presidential ambition.

From information gathered Atiku’s allies in the South-West appears to be on a fast decline due to the acceptability of APC in the South-West. Most associates of the former President are now card-carrying members of the All Progressive Congress and even active members of the PDP that are closely tied with Atiku’s previous presidential bids are speaking up in favour of a Tinubu’s candidacy despite across party lines.

Then also the Turaki Adamawa seems to be less interested in the current nitty-gritty going on in the PDP which is very unlike Atiku. The PDP is currently entangled in a leadership tussle involving major key players in the party.

Meanwhile, the former Lagos State Governor, Aswaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is waxing stronger and has leapt three steps ahead in his rumoured presidential quest.

The South-West for now is sealed with a Tinubu’s candidacy, if an implosion may occur later it is yet to be seen.

There is a popular African proverb that says” The eyes that have seen the ocean cannot be satisfied by a mere lagoon”

From information gathered Kano, Katsina and Borno States are now officially with team Tinubu giving the Jagaban a good leap ahead of others.

Judging from the tussle for the APC National Chairmanship then it is evident that the presidency has been zoned to the South in the All Progressive Congress.

Zoning the presidency to the South in the APC is enough reasons for Atiku to lose some steam in his rumoured presidential hunt, with a popular and formidable candidate like Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has the strong support of some key northerners across party lines then Atiku might very well need to have a rethink.

Can Atiku as an opposition muster enough votes from the North to upturn the total votes from the South-West?

You laugh abi? See no be joke make I try explain am well for una. See if Atiku wins PDP’s presidential ticket and Tinubu gets APC’s ticket this is how it would likely play.

For the South-West, as we speak Atiku has lost his major allies already to the APC, the South-West would vote en-bloc for a South-West candidacy but can that be said of Kano State with the support of Ganduje and a likely Kwankwaso?

Would Buhari lose his State, Katsina to the opposition? With Tinubu’s candidacy in APC, Atiku may develop a cold foot. Tinubu’s inroad in the north is very strategic and maybe a major decider.

Caveat: All permutations are strictly my personal opinions devoid of any individual or political party interest.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

Copyright 2021.

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