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Boxing Day: Reflecting On Tinubu’s Generosity And The Road To Aso Rock By Osigwe Omo Ikirodah 




Boxing Day: Reflecting On Tinubu’s Generosity And The Road To Aso Rock By Osigwe Omo Ikirodah

Boxing Day falls on December 26 every year, the day following Christmas Day, the name comes from a time when the rich used to box up gifts to give to the poor.

The practice of almsgiving has changed over time but the Boxing Day name has endured. Boxing day is actually a time for generosity.

As we celebrate the Yuletide season may our joy never be cut short, Amen.


Today Sunday, December 26th happens to be this year’s boxing day and as a Sunday School Political Teacher, I would be teaching on the virtues of generosity. It is a unique Sunday that coincidentally happens to be the last Sunday of the year.

Permit me to lay today’s article with scriptural presentations, I would start with the essence of generosity and its importance. Generosity is the pathway to blessing, the more generous we are the more we get rewarded, the Scripture says in —Proverbs 11:24–25,” One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly but comes to poverty. A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

Take note of the keyword, “whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Today some critics are of the opinion that Tinubu is in the FACE of everybody ahead of the 2023 Presidential elections, these critics are just uninterested because of the bandwagon of politicians moving towards the Tinubu is coming syndrome.

Tinubu withdrew from his high paying job as an accountant in one of the biggest Oil corporations in the world, Mobil. When he was leaving his job his white paymasters begged him to stay back and forget about the murky waters of politics. Because he was so good at whatever he does they reserved his job at Mobil so IF he fails in politics he can have his job back.

So Tinubu has never denied being a politician and the hallmark of politics is payback time. People tend to forget how Tinubu funded NADECO and other pro-democracy movements with his hard-earned DOLLARS.

Yes, he was rewarded as the electorates voted him in as the Lagos State Governor years later, since then Tinubu has laid the enviable mark of one of the greatest reformists in Africa. He built a strong financial and healthy foundation that makes Lagos today the fifth largest economy in Africa.

It is expected that every huge success must have its own equivalent of envy and deep resentment, without this then, such successes are FAKE.

Please do not hate Tinubu as he’s only rewarded for his act of radical generosity. Boxing Day is certainly a good time to do a Generosity Check-Up:

In Luke 6:38 the Bible says “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Tinubu today unarguably is the most benevolent leader ever to come across, his generosity is acknowledged across the globe, he gives without expecting to get back hence today he’s reaping the fruits of his hands.

Tinubu has raised leaders who to date none has come out to dispute his leadership traits, he has groomed people that are benefactors to lots of others, so what is the secret to his successful leadership?

The real spirit of Boxing Day, is a spirit of generous giving, especially if God has entrusted us with more of this world’s material goods and knowledge. Today the Bourdillon Residence of the Jagaban is a Mecca for the poor and those in need.

In Proverbs 19:17 the Bible says: “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.”

Our kindness to the poor is a loan to God and the Good Lord must pay us back bountifully. Do not detest Tinubu because the world is paying him back, his generosity is opening the doors of more goodwill.

Going further Proverbs 29:7 says “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.”

Only the righteous are burdened with justice for the poor, Tinubu has shown times without number that justice for the common man is what everyone deserves, he risked his life, his house was bombed, and he was driven into exile all in the attempt that the common man gets JUSTICE.

All this benevolence have its payback time and it is what we are witnessing today as regards the EUPHORIA about Tinubu’s presidency. Patoranking in his hit song Celebrate Me had this to say

” Show me love no go show me python, We be the same for Oluwa Kingdom…so I say Celebrate me now when I dey alive, Appreciate me now when I dey alive…No, be say when I leave this life, You go dey fake am for my wife”

It is simply just a show of appreciation for a visioner, a man who saw the future and made Lagos a model for every state and even beyond Nigeria.

Then the last Sunday school lesson for today is WE NEED MORE OF TINUBU IN OUR LIVES. We all need leaders who have generous ears.

The last reading for today is Proverbs 21:13 which reads thus….”Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered.”

The Lord blesses those that are generous, his blessing is beyond measures, we must listen and pay attention to the needs of the poor, are you aware that God distributes His blessings through the compliance of His servants? If you fail to use yourself as a vessel for the blessing to others, you frustrate the plans of God in your life and He would surely look elsewhere to pour his blessings.

Tinubu has generous ears, and we are celebrating him today is as a result of his stewardship. We do not entirely own what God has gifted us because we cannot take anything material with us when we die, not a kobo or the millions of dollars in the bank.

Celebrate me now when I dey alive.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Principal/Chairman/CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

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