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Dey Your Dey Make I Dey My Dey : Why Tinubu Remains The “Numero Uno” In Nigerian Politics



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A few years ago two sisters caused a huge stir on social media with their wonderful use of these words.

“Dey your dey, make I dey my dey. lol such a funny skit that year.

You are my friend, and you don’t like my vibes, You are my friend, and you don’t like the way am doing.
You are my friend, and you are not happy am successful.
Time no dey wait for somebody, I say dey your dey, make I dey my dey.”

The Nigerian political space is tensed and volatile, so many activities are ongoing and only one with a direct focus would not be confused. With so much uncertainty hovering around the Nation everyone seems to be wary of coming events in our polity.

Presently we have the believers, the naysayers, the proactive and the side takers. Actually, life does not tolerate docility. So only the foolish would sit idle and stay on the fence. As we speak it’s either the political class is preparing for its next coming season in 2023 or the traducers are busying planning the break up of Nigeria into tiny bits.

The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. So it is either your energy is focused on the positive or negative and the choice basically belongs to oneself.

I say dey your dey, make I dey my dey, if the Pro-Tinubu advocates are looking forward to a country filled with bliss and riches, a country whereby creativity and talent are rewarded, a country whereby competence, accountability and transparency are its rules and guidelines then so be it.

Then if you so decide to see a country that is disintegrated with militants and hoodlums alongside, bandits and terrorists flourishing then so be it. It’s your choice, it’s your dey, it has nothing to do with my dey.

The people campaigning for Tinubu have their reasons which they wish can come true. A country whereby education would be accessible to every Nigerian, where quality health care would be in abundance, a country where every State would be economically and financially viable like Lagos.

It is our DEY please leave us with our dey, haba, this Tinubu you cast aspersions on and try to discredit happens to be the number one in Nigerian politics, his greatness is uncomparable, his astuteness is second to none, his political sagacity is the highest ever, his courage dwarfs the feat of Spartans.

Gladiators worship at his feet, Tinubu is a colossus that has proven to be an achiever. Lagos covers only 0.4% of our territorial landmass, which technically makes it the smallest state in Nigeria but yet Lagos is the fifth largest economy in Africa and generates 70% of its revenue internally.

Lagos like its slogan goes …The City of Excellence oozes grandeur in terms of its institutions, its beauty, its architectural masterpiece, its entertainment glory, its preference for everybody. Everything about Lagos is in a fast lane. You cant love Lagos and  hate Tinubu.

Oya, you that hate Tinubu please who is your Candidate, that can beat the record of the man called JAGABAN, he single-handedly promoted a candidate that failed for years to defeat the power that be, he defeated OBJ with PDP woefully in Lagos.

Tinubu remains the Numero Uno in Nigerian politics, his name accommodates many, a leader who has 75% of his investments in Nigeria, we have no regrets throwing our support for Tinubu.

Abeg to whom it may concern make una dey una dey… make we dey our dey.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, senior correspondent Bush Radio Academy.

Copyright 2021.

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