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Eba Mi Ki Ole: The Rise And Fall Of Abba Kyari And The Hypocrisy In Us All – Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.



Abba Kyari
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Eba Mi Ki Ole: The Rise And Fall Of Abba Kyari and The Hypocrisy In Us All – Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

Searching for the hunter. Eba mi ki ole:….BARAWO.

“one day, the bush meat go catch the hunter”

Dem Dem na hin my people sabi…Dem Dem everything na paddy paddy…

If You Thiefi Thiefi today tomorrow u no go see to thief no more, one-day the bushmeat go catch the hunter.


Una remember this song so? The legendary Sound Sultan throwing missiles at our leaders who have denied us almost everything that the government should offer its citizens, he predicted that the bushmeat would one day become the hunter.

He foretold a time when the bushmeat will turn back at their tormentors and begin to hunt them. The number one trending topic today is Hushpuppi and the travails of Super Cop Abba Kyari.

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kyari and hushpuppi

Abba Kyari has been indicted by a USA Federal court over complicity in money laundering/419 charges brought against the Instagram sensation and Dubai-based billionaire. Hushpuppi,  Part of the crimes listed against Abba Kyari is collecting huge funds running into millions to detain a colleague of Hushpuppi over a fraudulent deal gone wrong.

If You Thiefi Thiefi today tomorrow u no go see to thief no more, Sound Sultan said it all, may your soul continue to rest in peace.

I have been amazed at the astonishing crowd of defenders of the Super Cop over his unfortunate ordeal in the hands of the FBI , seeing people rushing to quote unfounded laws and whip up sentiment just to shield this Olopa only goes to show how rotten our system can be. A society full of decadence that morality is constantly thrown at the trash bin on the altar of bias.

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.” ~ Albert Einstein.

First of all, nobody is indispensable in this life so reeling up medals and awards of Abba Kyari has not denied the fact that a super cop who is reported to be a billionaire is equally no saint. And getting to see the cop intertwined with fraudulent personalities even up to the stage of collaborating in the heinous crime of sharing proceeds from fraudulent transactions is really pathetic.

On what grounds are we shielding Abba Kyari? Abba Kyari no doubt is an embodiment of the corrupt system that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our Nationhood. Our police force no doubt is an ugly part of our corruption story and Abba Kyari happens to be the head who sits on top of such a stinky and nauseating system.

A typical police boss gets his information from the criminals themselves and in turn uses such information to hunt the bushmeat (the thief) that refuses to play ball, and finally, when caught they are hailed as crime busters. What crime did they burst? Imagine an Abba Kyari collecting 10 million Naira to torture an accomplice of crime because of sharing formula gone wrong. When in the first instance the complainant and the accused are supposed to be behind bars.

If the police system is to be working are these criminals supposed to grow their monstrous heads in the first place? The police force has one time or the other made an arrest on these criminals but they were all set free because of settlement, according to Sound Sultan,” Everybody must know somebody to call…”

“Dem Dem na hin my people sabi…Dem Dem everything na paddy paddy…”

This is how a typical police boss operates and the painful aspect is that we all know this line of the story and yet we feign ignorance of the consequences. A police boss catches a criminal with guns and throws him behind bars and refuses to charge the suspect to court, three weeks later he negotiates a huge sum with the family of the criminal suspect and he walks free thereafter.

His confessions are used against his gang members and the same process plays out , they end up walking free again. How many times was Evans the billionaire kidnapper arrested? If these criminals were dealt with at inception they never could have grown so monstrous. The evil itinerary of these fraudsters is known by police bosses but instead, they go and settle fraudulent deals amongst these fraudsters, and later they expect the yahoo boy on the street of Benin City not to grow to become an Hushpuppi in the future. Same also with the Cultist at Upper becoming an Evans tomorrow.

Are you aware of how many people are in jail today because of their first attempt at crime just because they have nobody to settle their bail? Abba Kyari has been accused as an extortionist who also uses torture as a means to suck out funds from his victims, this is a typical character of members of the Nigerian Police Force. Imagine how many innocent souls are serving jail terms because of illegal detentions and frame-up by such activities as alleged against Abba Kyari.

We know these things but are blinded by sentiments, how can Nigeria restore its glory if such heinous acts by the custodians of purity are accepted by society just because of paddy paddy arrangement?

Where do we expect our Governors, Senators, and leaders to come from if not amongst us? The more we tolerate corrupt tendencies from society the more we breed future failure leaders.

Thief go dey follow dey shout OLE,So who b d thief ? And who b d hunter? I commend the Nigeria Police Force for its swift response in suspending Abba Kyari and his equal dismissal from the IRT. The police force should go ahead and submit the Bushmeat hunter to the FBI for further investigations.

Henceforth police remuneration and welfare packages should be reviewed and the reward system to honor professionalism and honesty should be well worth it. We should stop segregating crime and deal with the fact that we expect honesty and dedication from our leaders in authority, nobody is indispensable, Justice knows no friendship.

Abba Kyari lies in every one of us all, the majority are guilty as charged, the hypocrisy lies in our veins.

If the bushmeat has nothing to hide he should present himself to the Hunter(FBI) afterall he was once a Hunter and should know better.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and na me be the principal/chairman of Bush Radio Academy.

Copyright 2021.

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