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FATALITY:Concerned Edo PDP Members Warn Charles Idahosa Over Unguided Antics, Calls Him A Serial Blackmailer



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Concerned Edo PDP Members Warn Charles Idahosa Over Unguided Antics, Calls Him A Serial Blackmailer
Re-Charles Idahosa’s Interview On The Ongoing Crisis In Edo State PDP

Edo PDP Crisis: Concerned Edo PDP Members Warn Chief Charles Idahosa To Desist From His Faction Creating antics.

Ordinarily, we the members of the Concerned Edo State PDP will not waste our precious time to be responding to a faction creating personality in the person of Chief Charles Idahosa because, as it presently stands, our interest is to have a system that is interesting enough to accommodate peaceful coexistence but for his ungrateful promotion and misleading ill advise, it is important to warn the former Commissioner for Information to stop misguiding the Governor and misinforming the populace.

We remained the conscience and consciousness of Edo State PDP even though we have been preaching peaceful resolution of the ongoing crisis, we will not entertain any faction creating antics of Mr. Charles Idahosa. Let it be known that, if Chief Charles Idahosa and his co-sponsors continue like this, the ongoing impasse will consume the Deputy Governor in the person of Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu and SSG, Barr. Osarodion Ogie.

If we seek peace do not mean, we are ignorant…in the words of Mr. Osemwenkhae Ikponmwosa, “…peace is not the absence of conflict. Justice, fairness, and equity enhance peaceful coexistence. Therefore to be prepared for peace is to be prepared for war because peace must be protected with the weapons of war.” Professor Anthony Omoregie added “peace comes through equity, justice, and fairness.” All be informed that we are very much at alert even as we seek for peace and coexistence.

To set the record straight thereof; rather than Mr. Charles to respect his old age and stop being an International AGIP (Any Government In Power), he is busy exposing their antics and how ungrateful they are by wanting to have everything to themselves…please, permit us to take some time to run through some facts;

1-Charles tries to blackmail the PDP leadership without telling the world that, he was part of the meeting that planned to ambush the leadership of the party. How can the South-South National Chairman of PDP be invited to such a kind of meeting 8 hours to the time? How can you invite a former Governor to a meeting knowing too well, he travelled to South Africa? How can you invite a State Chairman to a meeting without telling him he was going to attend a meeting? If the Governor is even expected to call for such a meeting, who and who should be privileged to attend a pre-meeting to discuss its modalities? We are not unaware of the pre-meeting and other previous meetings where it was even suggested to the Governor to appoint some people to enable them to resign only to sack them later. Mr Charles Idahosa should know, his political gimmicks and lies must end in APC. He will be rubbished if he dares tries to ‘factionalize’ Edo PDP. And for the avoidance of doubt, why should such a stakeholder’s meeting not includes members of the National Assembly, Aspirants of the last election, all former Senators under PDP, and a host of others. Why were they not given adequate notice and meeting agenda? Who made Chief Charles Idahoda very important in the scheme of Edo State politics. Has Mr Charles ever contested any election? Does he know what it takes to contest an election?

2-Mr. Charles Idahosa is busy advertising his resume but has refused to tell the world how selfish he has been all these years. If he does not know, we have his ill records and have kept them for the future.

3-If Mr Charles is sincere to himself, has registered with PDP, and attends PDP meetings from Ward Level to State, who said, with the resume he parades, who amongst legacy Edo PDP will naturally want to undermine him from his Ward level through his LGA if truly he does not want to have it all? When has he invited members of the legacy PDP for a caucus meeting that, they refused to attend? Rather, Mr Idahosa is promoting parallel PDP meetings and telling lies against party leaders.

4-Mr. Charles Idahosa is busy using the movements of Governor Tambuwal of Sokoto and Governor Orthom of Benue from APC to PDP as a reference in party structure sharing formulas without telling the world that, Tambuwal did not retain his Deputy and SSG like Orthom did also. Those Governors made sincere sacrifices yet, Charles Idahosa and his co-pilots already have Deputy, SSG and still want to decide on the existing party structure from the Ward to the State level. Only senseless idiots will allow this to happen. Except the Governor will be interested in the resignations of his Deputy and SSG to insist on the dissolution of the existing party structure otherwise, it is time to advise himself and tell his followers the truth. And with the present situation in Edo PDP, even when the Governor replaces his Deputy and SSG, he still cannot have his way because members are going to insist on credible Congresses. I can assure us, the Governor has not fully understood the political dynamics in the internal operations of PDP. In case Mr Charles forgot, Tambuwal and Orthom have served Nigeria under PDP and understood PDP, unlike Obaseki who is joining PDP for the first time. Only selfish people will be asking for sharing formulas in today’s Edo PDP. Come to think of it, what does the Governor need that he cannot get with the existing PDP structure? I repeat, what does the Governor need that he cannot get from the existing PDP structure?

5-Mr. Charles Idahosa concluded that “they have written to the national body, we have also written to them to dissolve the exco and organise a fresh election. So, let the national body decide.” This is a clear indication that he is trying to factionalize our party in Edo State. Are we not one? Who are ‘we’ and ‘they’? Let me emphasise, we did not merge, the Governor, his Deputy, Mr. Charles, and all their followers joined PDP. There is a constitutional provision and space for their likes who have held positions before. We Edo PDP members will resist any plans or attempt to factionalize the party to create room for dissolution. Any attempted attempt to dissolve the existing EXCO will be counterproductive for PDP nationwide.

6-Let us use this opportunity to advise the Governor that, in his own interest, any planned dissolution will not even be to his interest. Some members of the legacy PDP that are romancing with him want to trick the Governor to dissolve the existing EXCO are doing so in their own selfish interests. They plan to support the Governor to write names and during the Congress proper, they will follow up theirs leaving Governor to his faith knowing too well, legacy PDP is more in the people that will finally determine the faith of the Congress. The Governor may be able to determine where it will start and cannot determine the end.

7-Why can’t the Governor just set up his team and let time naturally determine the future? Unfortunately, the Governor is being outsmarted by a few selfish interests who want to remain as the power brokers and deciders of Edo State politics. This fight will rubbish and mess up the Governor if he is not smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall.

8-The Governor should be smart enough to recall the letter calling for the dissolution of Edo PDP’s existing structure because it will not fly; yes, when it does not fly, the reputation of the Governor is a stake. If it does, the Edo PDP will be in a crisis that may consume the Governor and his followers’ political future. If he recalls the letter, the Governor is likely to retain and restate his honour and his relationship with the party leadership that might have been tampered with. The Governor should be reminded that the likes of Chief Tom Ikhimi, Chief Mike Ogiadomhen, and others he may be relying on have all lost their political values. Anyone at their levels who cannot win their units and wards for their party during elections cannot be said to be a serious stakeholder in time of talking about who and who in today’s politics. The likes of Mr. Charles Idahosa who lives in lies against their fellow countrymen should not really be taking important in this dispensation. The Governor must be careful of his kind even though he seems to be his very supportive person.

We the members of the Concerned Edo State PDP will not watch to see any dismantling of Edo PDP’s existing structure. We also do not believe that the structure cannot work with the Governor. We stand with the opinion of the State Working Committee that; “…if Gov. Obaseki wills to conduct governance by a triumvirate of the Governor, the Deputy Governor and the SSG, so be it. If he wishes to appoint only his friends and former APC colleagues in his cabinet and sundry positions, and leave out the legacy PDP members, so be it. We, the Peoples Democratic Party leadership will not accede to any form of harmonization that has no backing or interpretation in our party constitution…”

While we will continue to seek for peace and coexistence, any individual or a collection of people who wishes to speak without recourse to the party supremacy, we will address such a person accordingly.

Best Idahosa Best
For Concerned Edo PDP

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