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Focus: Even My Weakness Creates Wealth For Vendors – See Some Inspirational Quotes By Tinubu That Freezes Haterz



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Focus: Even My Weakness Creates Wealth For Vendors – See Some Inspirational Quotes By Tinubu That Freezes Haterz

“Caution: Contents Hot.”

Caveat, anti-Tinubu adherents are warned that the following content may cause disarm or irritation if read to the end, it is advisable that haters of Tinubu should proceed with great discretion.” Reading Further May Be Hazardous To Your Health”

As we gradually approach the 2023 presidential elections one man that keeps resonating in every nook and cranny of the country is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the Jagaban of Nigerian politics. The former Lagos State governor is so popular that every political pundit finds a way of involving the National Leader of APC in their political discussions.

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It is narrowing to a two-way choice ticket, which is Tinubu or the rest. So funny that no day passes by without Tinubu’s haters throwing all sorts of invectives at the National Leader. To them, it is either Tinubu is the cause of the rising dollars or the one behind the increasing insecurity in the country. For them Tinubu is now finally way older than President Buhari, Ex-President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden put together.

They have decided to ascribe all sorts of unimaginable and unprintable names about the Jagaban but in the midst of all these unwarranted provocations, the Jagaban has continuously shocked his detractors by constantly reminding his followers of the essence of leadership.

Here are some epic responses to anti-Tinubu haters that prove Tinubu is a true leader laced with tolerance and humility.

On his goals:

“I set my goals and objectives in accordance with my vision. I study them and strategically execute them. My detractors discuss my successes and failure because they have nothing to execute”

On negative publicity by haters:

I am in the news more because I’m working, Nigerians discuss active men in the field. Mentioning any negative news about me will double the wealth of any news media that published it.
My name today is a financial market for journalists. Not even elected politicians get the publicity I am enjoying. My comrades, go and work till mentioning your name becomes a source of increased wealth for someone. Even my weakness create wealth for vendors.”

On what his loyalist should expect when lies are told against him:

“Some people get easily angry whenever they see me being insulted. I think that is childish. I’m a politician and it is my right to be insulted. It is my right to be called names, it is my right to get bad wishes from whoever I outrun in the polity. Politics, sometimes, is a bully game, don’t get distracted, keep your eyes on the ball.”

On keeping one’s focus, hear Tinubu…

“It is a game of number but equally important, a game of common sense with the sole aim of improving people’s lives with right policies. Mohammed Ali was a great boxer, he punched you once, he ran away, he made you angry so much that you lose your focus and balance, then he would hit you hard..Those who must beat him must never be angry or lose focus while fighting, keep your strategy to yourself….win some, lose some, that’s politics but you must strive to win all but you can never win all.”….

On Insults and abuse against his personality, hear the Jagaban speak…

“As for insults and abuse, I have received uncountable insults since I joined politics. You can see where I am today politically. I’m a product of insults, left right and centre, that’s my food and medicine.

I’m not complaining, keep it up…”

The Jagaban is indeed hot with a lot of ace up his sleeves, he keeps his eyes on the target and follows up tenaciously to attain his aspirations. What are your views as regards Tinubus reactions to his league of haters?

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