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Game Of Thrones: Why Nigerians Are Earnestly Waiting For Tinubu To Declare For The 2023 Presidency



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Game Of Thrones: Why Nigerians Are Earnestly Waiting For Tinubu To Declare For The 2023 Presidency

What do we have here? Insecurity at its lowest ebb, businesses are dull, insurgents daring the military, IPOB issuing secession threats, Nigeria seems to be in disarray but yet reality beckons. In less than  2 years from now, the Nation would begin another circle of political dispensation.

Nigeria may be fragile but truth be told Nigerians don’t want war, Nigerians don’t want anarchy but truth also be told, Nigerians love BAD NEWS. Nigerians love to hear disasters more like foreign stations that prefer to report wars and crisis around the world to the detriment of developments and happiness radiating across the globe.

No matter how bad you paint the Nation, people are still living in happiness and gratitude, the human race can not be interrupted because of personal or collective perceptions.

Argue from now till tomorrow only through the ballot box can any imagined changes be effected in the polity. Most times we decide to live in self-delusion.

Now I ask, which is easier to change? The system through the ballot box or the system through the guns accompanied with sorrows, tears and blood? Nah Nigerians know what they want but still yet relish in the fantasy of a degenerated Nation.

IPOB may have the greatest potential of voters in the South-East but yet they choose to play the Ostrich and encourage the boycott of elections.

Other regional ethnic groups have chosen to partake in electioneering while still holding on to their beliefs.

Today one name keeps reverberating in Nigeria as we approach the 2023 presidential elections so loud is the explosion that it seems all political players and Nigerians, in general, are practically awaiting his declaration to vie for the 2023 presidency.

That man that seems to have gotten Nigerians spellbound is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former Lagos State Governor.

The suspense is just too much that even other potential aspirants are still studying the body language of the master strategist.

Tinubu is a phenomenon, everyone is talking about him for reasons best known to them, some are already criticizing either his silence or his actions or movement. Others are busying setting up support groups in support of his rumoured presidential ambition.

It is so reassuring that even people have started speculating the growth in the economy as a result of his declaration, our Stockbrokers in the house very well know what I mean.

For example, supporters of Tinubu are getting together in putting palliatives in place for worshipers during this Holy Month of Ramadan.

People are cracking their heads on what to do to contribute to the aspiration of the Jagaban and yet some people would still frown at such generous services. Some would ask why is Tinubu’s picture displayed at the bag of rice they are sharing? I wonder whose pictures they want to be displayed on the rice?

Or do they think people will gather their hard-earned money to offer succour to those they know need these services without discouraging the hijack of the materials so they would end up in the open market for sales?

Maybe they want Joe Biden’s face to be on the rice or rather still the face of the NEWLY MARRIED couple in town. People that would go for weddings and be dragging for souvenirs with the couple’s picture are here criticizing a selfless service to the helpless and needy.

Tinubu’s popularity has risen well beyond the normal trend and gone far into another realm of a movement that is usually characterized with either for or against?

The worse hit with this frenzy is likely the potential presidential aspirants. Most of them are overwhelmed with voluntary structures taking place on behalf of Tinubu who has not on his own initiated any presidential move yet.

GO to Whatsapp na FIRE, Tinubu group here… Tinubu group there. On Facebook, just type Tinubu “GROUPS” press enter and you will see for yourself.

Twitter is not left out, so also with Instagram and other social media platforms. It has gotten to the extent that even the naysayers and detractors have started bowing out of discussions concerning Tinubu as the passion that can be seen with the adherents of Tinubu is just ‘unquenchable”.

The world now seems fixated with Tinubu.

Aside from being a Master Strategist the former Lagos State Governor presently enjoys the largest goodwill amongst the political class.

Who wan challenge the master strategist himself? Who wan risk TINZ?

This is a Game of Thrones and only the true gladiators would weather the storm, it is not for the Lilly livered it is a game for the political giants.

Bring the whistle and let us begin the wait. When would Tinubu finally hearken to the voices on the streets to come out and declare for the 2023 Presidency?

It is an Ultimate wait and it would be worth the while. How all these plays out would be more visible in weeks to come.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

Copyright 2021.

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