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Greatest Gbegbees Of All Times: Nyesom Wike Wins Award For Most Ruthless Slayer, See How He Tore Babangida Aliyu To Shreds




There are politicians world over that their tongues are caustic that one would not want to ever get into a rivalry with them for whatever reasons. Ex USA President, Donald Trump was one of such, our transport minister, Rotimi Ameachi has such a bad mouth, then even Chief Dan Orbih has a way with words that when he speaks you just reel on the floor with laughter.

Then when maybe you feel you have heard it all people like Ayodele Fayose the former Ekiti State Governor would blow your mind. Aside from speaking without reservations, these dudes can give you back to back entertainment with their tongue.

But the highest of them all, i.e the Oga kpatakpata , the Oga on the top is the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike , the dude is a slayer. I started observing him with “goat eyes” when he called the NWC of the PDP tax collectors during the Edo Gubernatorial polls of last year.

In a recent interview with reporters, Wike descended on the former Governor of Niger State, Babaginda Aliyu so bad that I think if I have to keep this to myself it would amount to injustice to the right of information.

See snippets below…

On Dictatorship:

Wike started with the political profile of Aliyu calling him a liability to the PDP, he called him a chronic liar, a serial betrayal and a mole. Imagine what someone’s father and a governor is telling another man? In His words,” Babangida Aliyu is a political liability to PDP. He is not an asset. This is a man who came out to the public to say that he worked against the PDP in 2015…Babangida is what they call a chronic liar, a serial betrayal.”

On His Political worth:

Wike screamed out that Babangida Aliyu has no job and he’s currently seeking one. Nyesom Wike’s mouth is indeed bad, he further said that this former Governor is going about looking for committees to join in PDP so he can survive, imagine that.

Hear Wike speak”Aliyu has no job, (the way he called the Aliyu is like one calling out his GATE MAN).. All he does is to seek for committee meetings to attend. He has no job. He said he is a PhD holder. What he should have done is to offer himself to a university and say take me I want to contribute to the development of education. But, he will not do that. He has come to become the Spokesman of NWC”

Haba Wike, please put some dignity to the office of the former Governor. How can you say Aliyu should go and do lecturer work? Respect am small bros.

On Revenue collection:

Wike again repeated the Tax Collectors story, na dat part dey burst my head, listen to Wike…

“If Aliyu Babangida leaves PDP today, nobody will even bother. But, if I decide to leave the party today, you know its consequences. Upon the PhD he claims he has, he cannot understand English. I did not say all NWC, I said some members of the NWC are acting as tax collectors. Ordinarily, I don’t even have time to talk about Aliyu. When Aliyu was the governor of Niger State, many of you have been to Niger, let him show you one concrete thing he did. ”

Did you see the part Wike said he claims to have a PHD and yet can’t understand English? Wike inspires me with the way he speaks, he’s fearless and wicked with words.

This was not the end, meanwhile, it was a general interview “O” that His Excellency did this Harakiri to Aliyu.

On being a mole:

“People are working to ensure that PDP takes power in 2023, he is here talking. People like Aliyu Babangida are the moles we have in PDP. He is a mole in PDP. These are people who get information and ignore the vital part of the information”

Wait for this part when Wike attacked Aliyu over his claims of reclaiming Cross Rivers and Ebonyi State. Hear Wike talk o, and you will say I should not report this combo?

“Now, he is talking about PDP will recover Ebonyi and Cross Rivers states. What will be his contribution? What is the strategy for them to recover it? A man, who even in his place cannot provide votes is telling you that PDP will recover; recover your own first. Show the capacity first. You will, first of all, recover your own first.

I can say so because people have seen it. I don’t think if in his own state-federal might had come the way it came here that he would even get two votes; he would have run away. But, I stood there. Nigerians saw everything that happened. I can say, Cross Rivers State and Ebonyi are PDP states, PDP will take them back. Why will I say so because I know what is on ground. He does not know what is on ground. It is not to talk for people to hear you talking. Go and conduct congress in your state. In 2019, what happened to him? He insisted that his boy would be the governor and PDP lost’.

No comment for this one at all, make we jump am to the next bomb.

On Calls for the dissolution of the PDP NWC:

Wike talk say Aliyu na fake guy, na when him come talk say Aliyu no man enough me no come dey understand, anyway hear Wike talk again.

“He is not man enough. It is not to wear ‘agbada’ that makes you a man. What makes a man is coming out to speak your mind before anybody in the morning, afternoon and in the night. What you say in the morning, should be what you say in the afternoon and night. Not when you say this in the morning, tomorrow you wear another ‘agbada’ and change your position. In the night you wear jeans, you change. That is the kind of character Aliyu Babangida is.”

Am sure if it was a Senate hearing by this time a Senator would have shouted please off the MIC. See how Wike further cremated Aliyu.

“Aliyu Babangida is doing that because he thinks that the NWC will give him the chairmanship of the party at the state level, which he cannot win. So, he has to do anything to manoeuvre. To be sycophantic is not to be a servant. You said he is a servant? If he has been using that to deceive people, go to Niger State and see the level of development under Aliyu Babangida”

Did you hear the part he said a former Governor was scheming to become the STATE PARTY CHAIRMAN? Wike should be given the red card at this stage.

You recall that term Opolo eye E no be open eye? Wike na amebo , telephone without no wire, he said Aliyu has big eyes, kikikiki haba Mr Governor.

“But people like Aliyu for Christ’s sake, what does he have to offer the party? Is it to come and show how big your eyes are. Will that make PDP to win election? What is his strategy for PDP in Niger State and Nigeria to win an election?”

If Wike had stopped here it could have been better but he kept on dragging Aliyu in the mud. Hear how he called Aliyu a small boy.

“They call him Aliyu Babangida, PhD, then he is talking like a small boy.”

On the accusation that Wike wants to buy the PDP:

Wike was rude…

“That is to tell you his level of stupidity, with all due respect. I did know him as an auditor. He is so empty. You try to support the party he said you have money to buy the party.”

On Aliyu’s popularity…

Honesty Wike deserves an award, you need to see how he challenged Aliyu’s popularity…

“How did he come to be governor? A civil servant. Who didn’t know how he became governor of Niger State. Some people should stop thinking that because they have some privileges that they are special people. What special people are they? Who is Aliyu Babangida, who is he? In the politics of this country, who is he?”

See Wike from the beginning of the interview to the end “Murdered” the show, it was fully loaded and his conclusion was the killer punch.

“He is a noise-maker. He is a perpetual blackmailer, that is how he survives. No work for him now. He should better take his PhD to go and lecture students and be happy.”

Well for me our motto for iReporteronline na very simple one.”Anything wey Eye see, Ear hear, Mouth must report”

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

Copyright 2021.

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