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Hon. Jude Ise-Idehen: Turning the lights on in Egor/Ikpoba-Okha constituency


With the energy of a preacher, Hon. Jude Ise-Idehen has since his election as the Federal Representative of Egor/Ikpoba Okha at the National Assembly, covered great grounds in his rural electrification project which is restoring access to the electricity grid and delivering power to hundreds of homes in the constituency, many for the first time in years.

Perhaps propelled by a desire to represent in the modern sense, the scriptural declaration of ‘let there be light’, the Edo lawmaker has nevertheless recorded remarkable success in expanding stable access to electricity in his local constituency. He is, essentially, turning the light bulbs on and replacing the old, unwanted status quo with a new and desired one.

Building on the work he commenced as a state lawmaker before his elevation to the National Assembly, Hon. Idehen has facilitated the installation of functional and high-capacity power transformers to several communities, such as Ojo in Egor LGA where the supply of a 500KVA transformer has inspired a celebrated change.

Three such transformers, of the 500KVA capacity, were also installed in Ihinmwin Community, Evbuekpen Community, NSO Federal House Estate, to name but a few.

The impact of this on local businesses and education has been profound. Business owners that have previously seen their profit margin shaved off by ballooning operational costs due largely to expenses on private power generation are now able to earn and save more revenue. They, in turn, re-invest the extra revenue in things that reflate the local economy and provide opportunities for others.

Similarly, students in those communities, particularly in low-income families, can now study safely and for longer. No longer would they huddle around candles and other potentially harmful sources of light to study in the evenings and do their homework. The bright lights powered by the transformers facilitated by Hon. Idehen empower them to study and sleep in more humane conditions – thus setting them firmly on the path of academic excellence.

Hon. Idehen has displayed an understanding of a salient fact, backed by multiple research studies: electrification, in many respects, is a catalyst of sustainable development. Besides jumpstarting the economy and inspiring progress in education and health, it also attracts talents, professionals whose decision to stay and contribute to the development of any community sometimes boils down to a simple question: will I be able to power my devices with ease?

This understanding has guided his legislative priorities and marked him out as a lawmaker with a clear vision of growth for his constituency.

In addition to his focus on electrification, Hon. Idehen has also invested in the human potential of the people of Egor/Ikpoba Okha. Through practical trainings carefully designed to up-skill residents and empowerment schemes that provide access to capital, he has reduced the rate of unemployment and armed many with the tools required to overcome circumstantial limitations and realize their potentials.

Through tireless advocacy and cross-party appeals, he has won slots for qualified members of his constituents to secure positions in important agencies and parastatals, thus strengthening the institutions of state and bringing Nigeria closer to her ideal of being a nation where our diversity is reflected in our institutions but not at the expense of competence. Also of note is the transformative effects this has had on the family of the beneficiaries and the larger community. Trust in the life-changing power of education has strengthened, and with it an increase in school enrolment figures.

Hon. Idehen is executing a cohesive and comprehensive agenda that demonstrates his preparation for public service. Those who wrote him off are fast learning their error – perhaps belatedly. This man who has kept the lights on may be a preacher after all, winning souls and spreading the gospel of good governance.

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