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Important Things To Do Immediately After Sex



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Important Things To Do Immediately After Sex

Best S3x Position To Explore In Bed Based On Your Zodiac Sign This Valentine's Day

Imbibing a good post sex cleaning habits can go a long way in reducing the risk of contracting infections. You really don’t have to jump out of bed to clean up after making out. In fact you don’t have to do a thing after making love.

Some people may want to clean up minutes/hours after indulging in sexual activity, while some others might decide to wait much longer. Whichever one you decide, it’s quite important you clean up at some point afterward.

Waiting time may depend on what happens during act, your hygiene preferences and infection risk.
There is apparently no pressing medical reason to hop out into the shower following intercourse, it pays to have a post-romp protocol in mind. However, maintaining a good body hygiene can help to lower the risk of unpleasant odours, skin irritation and infection.

Start by washing your hands with soap and water- This is the best and quickest way to get rid of bacteria you might have picked up from yours and your lover’s genitals, to other parts of the body. Make it a part of your post-sex clean up habit.

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Vagina care – There’s no such thing as cleaning out the vagina; it’s perfectly capable of cleaning itself following intercourse even if there’s sperm inside of it. You trying to help out can actually do more harm than good. Just wash the vulva and outside of the vagina with water or a mild unscented soap before rinsing well and patting dry.

Try not to douche- Most ladies always think they have to wash inside the vagina after copulating, this can actually lead to more infections (it upsets the natural bacteria that protect the vagina). Do not use products that claim to ‘clean’ the vagina or vulva with harsh products. Rule of thumb for the vagina is the same for the penis, and men with foreskin should gently pull it back and wash underneath to prevent any semen build up.

Empty your bladder- During mating, there is the tendency bacteria may get into your urethra, and peeing could help to flush out those germs and reduce the possibility of getting UTI.

Take some time to enjoy some cuddle time and the post-sex glow as long as you pee within a reasonable time.

Drink Water- Keep a glass of water, drinking water will keep you hydrated and you can pee more. Which means that more bacteria will wash out of your system before infection can flare up.

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Cleaning Sex Toys – Unwashed sex toys can harbour bacteria, viruses and fungi, preventing these means, you must wash after each use. It is really better not to share toys with other people (it can send germs back and forth) but if you plan to share, then, be sure to cover the toy with a new condom each time you use it.

Check the package for cleaning instructions.

Extra Care If Pregnant – Love making is usually safe during pregnancy but you’re most likely to get infections such as UTI. It’s important to take care of all the basics after mating (wee afterward, wash round your vagina and drink water) encourage your husband to do the same.

Wear loose clothing – As you know, hot, sweaty places are where bacteria thrives most. Cotton undies works better for both men and women as they can absorb moisture, or you can skip off under wears when you go to bed.

Cleaning up after making out does not have to be chore; instead, see it as taking simple steps like, drinking water, cleaning the genitals and peeing as ways of reducing the risk of getting infected and feeling fresh.

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