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Investors Cry For Justice As Young CEO Investor Okebugwu Goodhope Disappears With 1.5m USD Of  Investors Funds



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Investors Cry For Justice As Young CEO Investor Okebugwu Goodhope Disappears With 1.5m USD Of  Investors Funds

Some investors who invested their money in a crypto trader have demanded justice after the young CEO vanished with their money; the EFCC has declared the young guy wanted.

The investors claimed that Okebugwu Goodhope was allegedly living a lavish lifestyle thanks to the money earned from his carefully planned crime against this particular set of investors.

Here is the story according to the investor’s narratives.

The Name of the Company is Corequest Capital Nigeria Limited. Based in Lagos.

The CEO/Trader is Okebugwu Goodhope Ifeanyi is a Pharmacist by Profession. The CEO who is in his 30s is into Forex and Crypto trading. In December 2020 he was still calling on investors to be part of the Forex and Crypto trading. Between January and February 2021 the company stopped all forms of communication with everyone. In March, the company opened a Telegram group to place all investors and talked about how they intend to refund investors’ funds without the interest. This was unanimously agreed by all investors of about 528 persons. A voluntary committee from among the investors was formed to follow up with the CEO/Trader to ensure ;
1. Communication between the company and the investors were seamless.

2. Capital reconciliation to know what the company owed Naira investors and BTC investors.

3. Provide MOUs between the company and the investors.

4. Trading activities were monitored and feedback given to the investors on a weekly basis.

Investors funds after reconciliation was about 1.5m USD. The CEO/trader claimed he made some losses and has a left over funds of 28k usd.

Meanwhile the CEO was known to live large with expensive trips to Dubai with his girlfriend (Chiamaka Ogueri) also a Pharmacist who we later found out was also an Admin in the company WhatsApp page. The CEO also have properties in Nigeria and Dubai which he declared for sale to recover funds to repay investors but those properties were never sold.

Chiamaka Oguer

Chiamaka Oguer

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The CEO started trading with the 28k usd in July 2021 and grew the funds to 257k usd. There were calls by the investors to make some payments out of the 257k but the Admin headed by one Oral Paul refused and insisted trading continues. The funds grew to 267k usd and claimed the Russia/Ukraine war made them incur losses of 80k usd within the week of trading.

Later everyone calmed down hoping to grow funds and resume payments. The investors were informed that a Legal Firm was handling the payment processes and the payout to the investors as about 50k usd was secured to reach all investors at 3.5%.

While we waited for payments to be done in March it was moved to April 2021.

The payout started and it was agreed that the payout will be 3.5% of invested funds will be paid to individual investors.
Payments were made to 270 investors and suddenly came to a halt and when the investors asked, the Committee stated that there was a security breach on the trading account hence they stopped will lock the account till end of May thereby stopping trading and payouts for one month.

They were to resume at the end of May for payment to continue. At current the head of the Committee Mr. Oral Paul gave a Final Release communique to all Investors that the CEO has gone incommunicado as all efforts to reach him prove abortive. They also evidence of the 8k usd the CEO withdrew from the trading account in April and how he has been paying some persons without the knowledge of the investors.

The committee is being accused by some aggrieved investors of complicit knowledge of the CEOs actions, with holding necessary information from the general investors and having no grasp of the CEO’s activities as earlier pledged to do when the committee was inaugurated. At current all investors are stranded and have been advised by some committee members to use every means known to them to bring the CEO to justice.

That is how the investors described their experience, and right now there are active attempts being undertaken to find the young CEO who conned hundreds of investors into investing in a fictitious ponzi scam that was designed to mislead the public from the start.

His whereabouts is currently unknown.

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