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Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser, Rina Oh, 42, claims the late pedophile and Ghislaine Maxwell tried to ‘shop her around’ at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago members’ club




Rina Oh, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, has claimed the deceased paedophile and his madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, tried to ‘shop her around’ for sex with wealthy older men at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.


The 42-year-old artist was herself accused by Epstein’s ‘sex slave’ Virginia Giuffre of being part of the financier’s inner circle and recruiting underage girls for him.


?Jeffrey Epstein

                                                         Virginia Giuffre.


But Oh says she was groomed by Epstein as a young artist and suffered sexual abuse.


Speaking of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, Oh said: ‘It was Ghislaine and Jeffrey together. It was like I was being groomed to be someone else’s mistress.’


She told The Sun: ‘It felt like they were soliciting me. That’s when I started realising that something was awfully wrong. Up until then, I was very naïve.


‘Jeffrey and Ghislaine carried themselves like a king and queen — and lived that way too.’


?Jeffrey Epstein


Oh met Epstein in the summer of 2000, at 21 years old, and had recently broken up with a long-term boyfriend.


According to her, she was introduced by a friend who said he was very wealthy and interested in art.


‘He had his own island, a beautiful house and he was a great art collector. I bought my art portfolio and I showed it to him,’ Oh told The Sun.


‘The following day, his secretary told me Jeff loved my artwork and that he wanted to offer me a scholarship.


‘That was the way he manipulated me into coming back. It escalated from then. I was so young I didn’t realise it was sexual abuse.’


Oh, a mother-of-two from New Jersey, filed a defamation lawsuit against Giuffre in October after she claimed that she should be in jail like Maxwell.


Epstein’s former lover Maxwell is facing 65 years behind bars after she was found guilty last week of procuring underage girls for the financier.


Epstein was found hanged in his prison cell in New York while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges in August 2019.


In a series of tweets in 2020, Giuffre claimed that Oh was part of Epstein’s inner circle and had once taken her to buy a schoolgirl outfit when she was just 17.


Giuffre, who is suing Prince Andrew in a separate legal action, tweeted in October 2020: ‘Rina – if you read this I hope you live in shame for the rest of your life.’


It continued: ‘You don’t intimidate me any longer & the physical & mental scares you left me with should be enough to put your a** in jail.’


?Jeffrey Epstein


Another tweet cited in the lawsuit said Giuffre accused Oh of leaving a six-inch scar on her leg from one of their encounters two decades ago.


‘The sliced leg bleeding is exactly what she used to do to me, I have a six-inch scar on my left leg from her cutting me. I can let a lot of s**t go, but this I will never forget,’ she tweeted before adding: ‘#PureEvil #LockHerUp’ and tagging the FBI.


?Jeffrey Epstein


However, the lawsuit claimed that none of that was true and Giuffre ‘has maliciously reiterated and republished these defamations and slanders in prior and subsequent tweets and interviews on podcasts, TV and for magazines, as well as in her memoirs entitled Billionaire’s Playboy Club.’


It added that the ‘defamations and slanders’ are causing Oh ‘great harm,’ including ‘humiliation, shame, disgrace, mental anguish, loss of life enjoyment and anxiety and emotion distress,’ according to the suit.


The lawsuit seeks $20million in damages and is aimed at stopping ‘false and defamatory bile’.


?Jeffrey Epstein

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