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Legislative Responsibility: See 2 Key Interventions Dennis Idahosa Has Attracted To Ovia In The Month Of June.



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Legislative Responsibility: See 2 Key Interventions Dennis Idahosa Has Attracted To Ovia In The Month Of June.

What are the expectations from our lawmakers? This the 21st century and we definitely need competent and effective hands as lawmakers.

The three key functions performed by legislatures are lawmaking, constituency service, and oversight.

In Nigeria today many constituents hardly get to feel the impact of their representatives because of so many complicated issues amidst complaints from our representatives.

From the usual complaints of almsgiving to constituents and the current insecurity, Federal lawmakers have all the lame excuses of avoiding visiting their constituents, especially in the rural areas.

But one lawmaker who has kept to the creed of upholding his loyalty to his constituents is Hon Dennis Idahosa the Federal Lawmaker representing Ovia Federal Constituency in the National Assembly.

Aside from having so many constituency projects to his credit, Dennis Idahosa has kept the strong bond with his constituents that no week passes by without the youthful lawmaker not attracting an oversight function that is beneficial to communities under his constituency.

This month alone the Federal Lawmaker has attracted no fewer than 2 key interventions to communities in Ovia.

Earlier this month the National Assembly requested the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing to commence the reconstruction of Upper Siluko Road in Edo State through Ogbese in Ondo state.

No doubt the reconstruction of this road would be of immense value to his constituents who depend on the route to transport their farm produce across.

The motion was moved by Hon Dennis Idahosa on behalf of his colleagues to compel the ministry to act fast.

For lawmakers to be certified, they must carry out the functions we expect of them in our system of representative democracy.

A fortnight ago the lawmaker succeeded in getting the approval of the Nigerian Petroleum Development Commission (NPDC) for the restoration of electricity supply to over 70 communities in Ovia. He was spotted showing the contractors round as the works on the restoration has since commenced.

Nowadays, the legislature acts as the mirror of public opinion, because it criticises and compels the executive to act according to the wishes of the people.

Know your lawmakers and demand accountability it is your right. As a matter of fact, our lawmakers must be responsive to the needs of their constituents.


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