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Make dem talk I No Dey Hear Dem Again: Tinubu Takes The Battle To The Olofofo’s



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Make dem talk I No Dey Hear Dem Again: Tinubu Takes The Battle To The Olofofo’s

By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

“No amount of intimidation can stop me. I am ready to get dirty. I am out to become President of Nigeria. We are at a crossroads.”

These few words from the former Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the palace of the Alaafin of Oyo,  just cleared the doubt of every political participant as regards the coming presidential elections.

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When I hear Tinubu make this statement my belle come sweet me, I go rush put Victor Ad Song “Olofofo” for replay begin to dey feel the vibes.

“Ladies and gentlemen
Don’t touch it just leave it Oh
I dey fear you……Nothing dey shack me again….Nothing fit hold me again
I done dey give them since ’90s and I go give them again…Nothing go stop me again
Nothing fit shake me again…Make them talk (Make them talk)
I no fit fear them again… Make them talk (Make them talk) I no reply them again.

Olofofo (you done dey talk again)…Olofofo (update done come again) …Olofofo (what’s the problem again)”

That is the spirit of greatness, ignore the naysayers and let us get to the battleground and see who outshines who, there is an African proverb that says “The hunter in pursuit of an elephant does not stop to throw stones at birds.”

The battle is not for the lily-livered, we are talking about the presidency here. Tinubu has made the declaration that yes he is in the battle to win and nothing else, if the Olofofos would spend their quality time faking stories on Tinubu as if that would elevate their candidate then good luck to them.

Tinubu has been giving it back to back when it comes to quality leadership since the ’90s  and he go give them again.

He dey fear una ? Everyday Tinubu this, Tinubu that and yet only the Jagaban is working hard amongst all the aspirants to achieve his noble ambitions.

When it comes to experience, grade A leadership, strong charisma, abi na financial management or political sagacity who amongst those parading themselves as presidential aspirants have such prerequisite?

All these Olofofo people talking can not even manage their household and yet are talking upadan.

When Tinubu came on board as Lagos State Governor he alongside other visionaries put together a 25 year Master Plan for Lagos which to date has been assiduously followed thereby making Lagos the fifth largest economy in Africa today.

Your aspirants that can not even manage a local Government council is who you are comparing with Tinubu when it comes to leadership and governance.

An Old Ethiopian proverb says “only a Fool will compare an Ox with an Elephant.” Make dem dey claim champion, bring out the candidates that you claim are champions and watch Tinubu dribble them with no Mercy(Messi).

Where are your preferred candidates Biko time is going, stop telling us they would come out.

You think say we dey fear una, na RED EYE we dey here, one Olofofo was talking to me he said “I would frustrate your campaign for Tinubu”, I look am laugh, “I say see this one wey never see presidential aspirant dey talk, I refused to even entertain his rants.”

Trap wey dem set for RAT no fit ever catch ELEPHANT, all these small and petty petty lie lie wey una dey talk e no go even fit fly anywhere.

When the time come people like us wey dey Tinubu back GIDIGBAM go do justice to all those yeye lies wey una dey peddle upadan, who chop bellyful must surely hungry.

According to Davido “If I Start To Perform Shey Una Go Still Dey Perform? ”

“They want to compare but them do less,  Shey na God wey give Tinubu this talent…
If they want to stay I say make them pay rent”

Maximum Respect to Victor AD, keep inspiring the youths we love you.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and I am the Principal/Chairman of Bush Radio Academy.

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