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Mouka Rewards Best Graduating Students Of Covenant University



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Mouka, Nigeria’s leading man­ufacturer of mattresses, pillows and other bedding products has rewarded the best graduating students from all faculties of the prestigious Covenant Uni­versity, Ogun state, with cash grants.

Science has proven that there is a correlation between quality sleep and smartness. Based on this premise, the Mou­ka brand has continued to raise awareness for the importance of quality sleep in academic excellence. The brand has also tailored some of its products to suit the needs of students across the age brackets.

A few years ago, Mouka launched the Dreamtime range of children’s mattresses based on this same insight. Available in two exciting designs, the Dreamtime mattress is cov­ered with a water-resistant yet breathable fabric that prevents fluids from sipping into the mattress core. Unlike mackin­tosh, however, the cover is soft and keeps the child’s body cool and comfortable through the night. With Mouka Dreamtime, children can enjoy quality sleep to stay alert and learn in school the next day.

For secondary schools, uni­versities and other tertiary in­stitutions, Mouka has a range of pocket-friendly mattresses available in bunk-bed and sin­gle-bed sizes. The most popular of the Mouka economy range is Comfy, popularly called Mouka student mattress.

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