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‘Nigeria Can’t Continue To Remain One Nation’ – Wole Soyinka Gives Reasons 



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Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka has said that Nigeria can’t remain together unless the government is decentralized.

Wole Soyinka

Soyinka disclosed that there was no hope of Nigeria continuing together as one nation if the Federal Government fails to do the needful.

Speaking during an interview with Arise TV Soyinka said he doesn’t think Nigeria can continue as one. He said;

“Not if it continues this way. Not if it fails to decentralise. Some people use the word restructure, some people use the word…whatever. Not if it fails to decentralise.”

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“If Nigeria fails to decentralise and I mean, decentralise as fast as possible, manifestly not rhetoric, then Nigeria cannot stay together.”

“Again this is not Wole Soyinka saying this. Generals have said it.”

“Everybody has said; ex-heads of state have said it; analysts have said; economists have said it and that’s what is happening to the people on the streets; that’s why they’re moving; that’s why they’re demonstrating; that’s why they’re defying even threats from the police; from the government ‘if you demonstrate, you’re traitors, we’ll deal with you…we’ll speak to you in language which you’ll understand.”

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