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Obaseki Vs PDP: The Inflated Ego Of Chief Tom Ikimi, Deflated By His Actions- PDP Fires AT Chief Tom Ikimi(must read)



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Obaseki Vs PDP: The Inflated Ego Of Chief Tom Ikimi, Deflated By His Actions- PDP Fires AT Chief Tom Ikimi(must read)

We earlier brought you a report on how the fireworks have been going back and forth between the PDP, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, Barr Osarodion Ogie and His Excellency the Deputy Governor Hon Philip Shaibu and co.

Read here if you missed it Things Fall Apart: Edo PDP Writes Secondus Call For The Resignation Of Philip Shaibu Issues Stern Warning To Obaseki

Well the PDP has fired heavy shots at Chief Tom Ikimi, this one is loud. We are not going to edit anything here, we are serving it as it is hot, our feedback would be relayed in a subsequent article.

Sit back and savour the fireworks from the PDP directly fired at Chief Tom Ikimi


1. Status level? No one understands what this means except you. You are in a better position to educate us on this because of your constant movement from one party to another(forming APC in your bedroom like you always say).

2. We plead with you not to re-write history. Gov. Tambuwal joined the party and picked a Deputy from PDP. His Deputy left and became the APC candidate at the election. Gov. Tambulwa never requested the dissolution of Sokoto Exco but worked wholeheartedly with the Exco to win his election. Kindly cross check as we know that age is no longer kind to your retentive memory.

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3. Gov Otorm never requested for the dissolution of Party Exco. The chairman of the party at the time of joining the party was Hon. John Ngede and he remains the chairman of the to date. He appointed the State Vice-chairman, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary as Special advisers of cabinet rank. And in return, he nominated some people to be considered as a replacement.

4. We kindly request you pick up your dictionary and look up the words “ integration” and “harmonisation”. They have different meanings. We wish to state that our Party Exco at various levels was constitutionally elected for a tenure of four years just like the Governor and his Deputy. They cannot be dissolved with a Fiat at the pleasure of people like you who have little or no feelings for others. Those interested in contesting their positions should wait until the end of their tenure.

5. Perhaps, this is a perfect moment for the Governor to speak out about the much talked about buying the ticket. The Governor should name all the leaders he gave money for His ticket.

Barka de sallah.

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