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Obaseki’s Cronies File to Discontinue Case Against Orbih, Ogbiede-Ihama, Others, Court Angry Over False Publications.



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Obaseki’s Cronies File to Discontinue Case Against Orbih, Ogbiede-Ihama, Others, Court Angry Over False Publications.

By Ojo Sanni

We can recall that Obaseki’s cronies in a desperate attempt to stop Chief Dan Orbih, Hon. Ogbiede-Ihama and others(Defendants) from attending the PDP National Convention failed woefully as all of them conspicuously attended, participated and voted because the Edo State High Court in the Judicial Division, Benin City, refused to grant them an Interim Injunction and a request of an order restraining the Defendants from participating in the convention.

However, in a bid to obscure the facts of that denial of their request, the cronies went to major media houses such as Vanguard, Leadership, Guardian Newspapers with false but paid publications that Chief Dan Orbih and others were restrained from the convention through an Experte Motion. This sent their supporters into a frenzy of jubilant mood across the state while sharing and forwarding the falsehood unknowingly. The Court had to issue a disclaimer to that effect immediately because it did not grant such request, rather, it adjourned the case to the 2nd of November 2021 for the Defendants to be served notices through substitute means.


When the case came up yesterday, the Court under Justice Okeaya-Inneh was very furious for that peddled falsehood and below was what transpired;

The Originating Summons filed by Chief Ekundayo & 2 Others against PDP & 11 Others came up on the 2nd of November before the Edo State High Court No.8.
The Claimants, which were Obaseki’s men, represented by P.I. Odiase(Mrs) while the Defendants were represented by Anderson Asemota of Counsel. The Court drew the Counsel to Obaseki’s men’s attention to the publication purportedly containing an Experte Order of injunction restraining the PDP from granting admittance to the Chief Dan Orbih and the 10 other defendants at the National Convention slated for 30th-31st Nov.2021 and to ensure that they do not vote or participate in the said Convention. The Hon. Judge who was furious and incensly infuriated denied ever making such order of injunction whilst maintaining that those who made the publications, deliberately orchestrated and tailored them to tarnish, smear, besmirch and smudge her person and the court.

The Hon. Judge insisted that the act of that intentional falsehood was borne out of mischief, authored not just to hoodwink the public but to bring the Court into disrepute. The Claimants’ counsel entreated and pleaded with his lordship for mercy as she was not aware of the said publication until her eyes fell on them on the pages of the Social Media even though she was the one who appeared for the Claimants/Applicants on the said day the order was purportedly sought and obtained.

The court then ask for the name of her Principal in Chambers and demanded to see her and the journalists who made the said publications as she would not allow anybody embroidered with mischief to smudge her name and bring the court into disrepute for their own personal egoistic and political propensity.

Respondents’ counsel took out a minute or two to apologize to his lordship as per the unsavoury occurrence which up till now was still making rounds in close quarters whilst noting that the act in itself was barbaric and despicable even as it is contemptuous and capable of giving the court a bad name. Respondents’ Counsel also observed that it is now a common practice for counsel to walk out of the court and misrepresent/misinterpret the mind of the court to the lay public especially as it pertains to Experte Orders in recent times. The court insisted on seeing the Counsel’s Principal and the Journalists as she would not allow anybody to drag her and the court to the mud.

On noticing that the atmosphere of the court was now highly inflamed, an official of the Bar, Chris Otasowie, who was in court at the time, hurriedly intervened and pleaded with his lordship to temporize and observe peaceful hiatus to enable the Bar to carry out a proper investigation of the allegations while also promising that the Bar would take very urgent and responsive steps to nip the impasse in the bud. The Claimants’ Counsel then apologized to the court profusely and promised to do the needful while applying to withdraw the suit as the purpose for which the same was filed has been completed. Court directed Claimants’ counsel to file Notice of Discontinuance. Case adjourned to 10/11/21.

Meanwhile, another case instituted by Obaseki’s cronies comes up today seeking to remove PDP LGA party chairmen on the basis of purported appointments as SSAs.

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