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Oga At The Top: Tinubu Becomes Subject Of Study As Ministry Of Finance, 36 States Struggle To Brace Up Internally Generated Revenue



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Oga At The Top: Tinubu Becomes Subject Of Sturdy As Ministry Of Finance, 36 States Struggle To Brace Up Internally Generated Revenue

Who recalls this terminology? My Oga at the top? Kikiki , Enjala big fish, clear the ocean.

Yesterday the news was awash with reports of the Nigerian Governors Forum and the Federal Ministry of Finance sending representatives to Lagos to learn how to generate income internally. According to the reports the course sturdy was necessary due to the dwindling revenue accruing to the Federal Government and other tiers. They say no more oil money, no more money in the bank, Covid wahala.

Oh dear, Nigeria’s immediate future looks bleak without oil revenue so all efforts must be made to brace up revenue from every legitimate quarter. Now the intriguing aspect of the gist is that the World Bank in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Finance sponsored this trip that has representatives from the Finance ministry through the states and then down to the grassroots which is the local councils.

The trip was financed and sponsored by these two important agencies because there is an urgent need to shore up the revenue accruing to the country.

Wow, and we say we have a problem in Nigeria? Have you asked yourself why only Lagos is the template of success, the city that anything you put into it turns to gold, the land flowing with milk and honey, little New York where local rappers would carry their dirty bags from their original state of origin and turn superstars in months? The land of five-star promoters. Even the Federal Capital Territory which houses the seat of governance is miles behind Lagos in every single facet.

Now, why was it imperative the World Bank sponsors such a course?  Anything you spend resources on to sturdy becomes a course. Anyway, see wetin burst their heads …

“The decision to visit Lagos was informed by the giant strides Lagos State is making in growing its Internally Generated Revenue despite the corrosive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.”

He said it was highly inspiring to note that Lagos still grossed a total of N418.99 billion, which accounted for 32.1 per cent of the total N1.33 trillion IGR recoded by the 36 states in the Year 2020 in spite of various challenges faced by the state last year.”

Una dey hear am? Lagos alone made 32.1% of the total N1.33 trillion IGR recoded by the 36 states in Y2020. Can you beat that? My people even if we say Nigeria dead and we say ok make all the states dey flourish at least as Lagos be today “NA bad thing”? Our mumu never do? why E b say today Lagos na the hottest place for anything? Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Quality of schools, you name it. Lagos na d Oga on top.

Na let me take you back to the story of how Tinubu started the whole thing,

BAT swung into action and transformed the internally generated revenue from #600m he inherited to over #10billiin before he left office. Today Lagos internally generated revenue has ballooned to between #35billon – #45billion which might hit over #60billion between now and next year. Lagos has earned herself as the 5th largest economy in Africa and in two years might be number two in Africa.

Anything that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu touches turns into gold. All his investments in Nigeria are thriving everywhere. These are the impacts of Tinubu’s meticulosity.

Tell me which of your self-acclaimed super governor can equal this feat? Even if Nigeria wan scatter Eko Oni Baje, E no go spoil lie lie highest he go remain on HIN own. Eko no get mate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a pacesetter, go and spread the gospel everywhere, we need a financial and transparent wizard-like Tinubu whom the world acknowledges.

Unfortunately, haters would not share or like such news, but the truth they say is always bitter.  ‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone” .

If una like make una dey insult Tinubu, una heroes wey be governors(BOTH PDP AND APC) dem dey go learn the magic wey he use, whom God has blessed no man can curse.

Tinubu remains the Oga at the top. See am na d picture of the meeting I post so…..Oga.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

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