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Recuse Yourselves From My Matter – EFCC Suspect Eze Njoku Tells Nkechi Rita Ude, Acting Zonal Head EFCC, Benin Zonal Office Others



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A Statement issued by Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., In Benin in the Morning of Friday 8th of October 2021 ,on behalf his client Eze Njoku ,states thus :


Citizen Eze Njoku: Been in Detention for 45 Days Now in a Matter not connected to him as he was arrested in place of his brother.The Court has granted him Bail and the Officials of the EFCC in Benin led by Nkechi Rita Ude -the Acting Zonal Head of the EFCC Benin Zonal Office have refused to release him, despite being served with a Court Order to that effect.A case in which by the proof of evidence filed in Court the name of Eze Njoku is not on any of the Petitions and the Complainants did not make Statements to the EFCC investigating Officers. The Order for remand has expired, as it was granted for 14 days and there is no renewal of same.Eze Njoku is being held illegally by EFCC Officials.

The Lawyers in the EFCC are misleading their Officials. Bail is a Constitutional Right covered by the provisions of the Constitution and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act . Citizens are not to be incarcerated Perpetually based on a Complaint, that has not passed through the rigours I’d trial. They had asked him to Plea Bargain, but he refused ..The EFCC Officials in the Benin Zonal Office by their actions have “convicted ” Eze Nwachukwu in their Office even before he goes for trial . All the Officials involved in this Matter are biased.

We are calling on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Attorney General of the Federation to come to the aid of this vulnerable Nigerian. The EFCC is taking the Laws into its hands. The Law is to be obeyed by the Governed and the Government. Nkechi Rita Ude and her Team in EFCC Benin Zonal Release Citizen Eze Njoku based on the Court Order served on you , which you refused to obey and recuse yourselves from this Matter as you have shown patent biased, that even the blind can see.I have never seen in Practice where you are appealing Bail granted to an Ordinary Citizen.We call on Civil Society Organizations in Edo State to join in this struggle .Eze Njoku is a symbol of all those who have suffered and are suffering in the hands of the EFCC .

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