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See Six Powerful Photos That Proves Tinubu Remains A Leader (must see)



tinubu ooo
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See Six Powerful Photos That Proves Asiwaju Tinubu Remains A Leader (must see)

The whole country as a whole is charged; politics, religion, everything seems agitated.

Amid all these pressures, tension, uncertainty, apprehension and whatever gloomy picture you decide to paint, Nigerians are still going about their normal activities.

Who dey SPIN girl…dey spin girl, who dey perform sugar daddy role..dey perform sugar daddy role, who dey strike… dey strike, who dey collect…dey collect, who dey drink…dey enjoy, dey travel… name it,  everything dey go on well like say nothing dey happen.

Even school mates dey arrange reunions sake of say to flex themselves. In the same Nigeria o, wey dem say wan scatter so.

Yet they will tell you to calm down and stop discussing politics because you don’t know if Nigeria would see the next elections as one United Country.

And these same people telling you not to talk your opinions are strategising, some are planning giving more birth to kids, planning marriages, building houses,  attending parties and all sorts but they say you should not discuss politics because Nigeria is shaking.

And sadly enough the politics and the coming elections are the only panacea to whatever wailings and grievances they have.

Hypocrites everywhere, they refused to stop performing their sugar daddy roles or whatever gives them fun and comfort and yet they don’t want to hear the truth.

Maybe they should stop sexual intercourse with their spouse since Nigeria would soon fail or rather still they should withdraw their children from school and stop their education because the country is collapsing.

They did not even stop their local Tafia and Amebo gist, but they want you to stop talking politics just because of one man’s rising popularity.

Sorry for the distraction jare and back to the chorus again. (my daily political nuggets)

“They Tried to Bury Us, They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds”- this is one famous quote inspirational speakers use often in relating with their audience.

Some would say They try to burn us, them no know say we be pop corn, now we’re popping.

With all this hullabaloo by these hypocritical few, one man still gets the mention on the lips of these traducers, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TInubu.

They loathe him so much and are quick to share fake stories about the former Lagos State Governor and in the same vein frown when they see wonderful stories about the Jagaban,  they finally end up tagging the beautiful stories as an” insensitive time to campaign for Tinubu,” they refused to tag the fake news they are spreading as an insensitive time to “SLANDER” the Jagaban.

Anyway, like the popcorn, they thought they could burn, Tinubu keeps reverberating POSITIVELY everywhere.

Tinubu is a leader who has the ability to motivate, inspire, has a HIGH EQ(Emotional intelligence), provides mentorship, compassionate, has a clear vision, foster’s team development and above all ready to learn from his teammates unconditionally.

That is why he’s respected across the 36 states of the federation, his consistency in the aforementioned area of discipline is what makes him a National Leader.

See seven photos that prove Tinubu is a National leader irrespective of political platforms.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

Copyright 2021.

iReporteronline notifies users that Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the owner of the copyright: All Rights Reserved.

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tinubu ooo

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