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Sex Positions Ladies Avoid




Sex Positions Ladies Avoid


Sexual intimacy can be a blend of emotion, passion and excitement for lovers trying it for the very first time. It can equally be nerve-wracking and exhausting if not properly executed, leaving an unpleasant experience.  Not all sex styles are fun;  a number of them require a great amount of flexibility, while others require too much energy. And, there are those who do not just feel right but are engaged in them because they want to please theirr lovers.

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Below are some sexual positions that most ladies hate, and will rather cancel from men’s memory if possible;

• Shower Sex-Sounds romantic and women don’t mind giving it a try at the initial start, but get scared of slipping and finding it difficult to breathe from the nose when kissing is involved. So, the woman ends up not enjoying it.

• Spooning- The reason is simple; a number of women hardly enjoy halfway penetration. It also doesn’t involve clitoral stimulation.

• Wheelbarrow Position- The woman lies on her belly, the man gently lifts her feet while holding her knees at his waist height, making the pose look like a weird plank position. Except you are both physically fit in terms of stamina and muscle strength, you might not be able to pull this style off.

• 69 Sex Position- Multi-tasking during sexual act can sometimes be a big turn off, and 69 is one of such style. It’s definitely not a fun position; receiving and giving pleasure at the same time can slow the rate of fun, plus, ladies love to make eye contact while being pleasured. Height can also make this position really awkward for some couples.

• Reverse Cowgirl- Most guys love it when their women are on top, but some ladies actually confessed that they feel more self conscious when they are on top and really worry about what their stomachs and boobs look like during the Act. The style takes a lot of effort and is actually the most irritating position for some ladies. They see it to be more of a quad-building exercise than a sexy move, and it makes it difficult to climax.

• Doggy style is overrated- Women complain of it being too painful, as deep penetration can be uncomfortable without adequate lube. Not great  for clitoral stimulation, doesn’t leave much for forming a good emotional connection during intercourse. And if not properly positioned, the guy may end up hurting his manhood while doing it, plus ladies do not get to make any eye-contact with their boo.

• Missionary Position- This is an over-rated sex position which might be good for the first ten seconds when you want to feel intimate or make an eye contact, but it does not help with orgasms because the style doesn’t hit the right spots, especially, if their guys are averagely endowed.

• Standing Position- Might have seen porn clips of how a girl is pinned to a wall and the guy easily thrusts her, but this is not so easy in reality. It’s difficult for him to penetrate as you are too conscious to enjoy the pleasure you can derive from it. It is basically a bizarre style.

This is not all about women; men inclusive are all in agreement that lovemaking is great, but not all sexual positions are created to benefit both men and women equally.

Going forward, make your next sexual encounter one that both you and your spouse are both into, by asking each other what works and what does not work, and that which makes the both of you feel pleasure.

Credit: Allure Vanguard

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