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The Hushpuppy Generation By: Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.



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“Every Generation out of Relative Obscurity will discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it”

-Dr. Franz Frannon,
The Algerian Revolutionary Leader.

The First time I heard about the name “Hushpuppy”, was in a Social Gathering where in the next table, four of the five young girls on the table, were talking about how they were fascinated by Hushpuppy’s style, dress sense and opulence and how they would just want to date him. When the lone voice among them indicated that he is alleged to be an Internet Fraudster, the other four retorted in unison “Who Cares?”.This is the new normal in our Country!

There was a time in Nigeria, when the dream of every Young Nigerian Girl, was to date an Undergraduate in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution. Now, the dream of some Nigerian Girls is to date an Internet Fraudster. Indeed, the scenario is so alarming now, that even some Undergraduates are now Yahoo Boys while their Girls are their Yahoo Girlfriends. These are the Puppies of Hushpuppy, or what you can simply call the HushPuppy Generation.

The Hush Fathers and Hush Mothers

Parents now support their Children to do Yahoo Yahoo. The Fabrics of Society has been broken. Society no longer respects virtue everything is now about Money. In those days in Nigeria, if you brought a biscuit home, you will have a lot of explanation to do to your parents. Nowadays,a 16-Year-Old Boy could bring a car of 5 Million Naira home and the parents will be singing Halleluyah, without asking the boy the source of the sudden money.

Some Pastors now pray for Yahoo Boys and get their percentage. When there is a problem with the sharing formula, they some times end up in places you will not want to imagine!

And so Nigeria can be said to be running on a Yahoo Economy, not borne out of indices production, demand and supply, but out of cashouts, percentages and unreal statistics.

These are the hushpuppies, some times with no formal education, no plans for the future and no scruples as to what they do to get there.

The Security Agencies depending on which, either arrest them to extorted them or prosecute them to reloot their loot. Some times you really wonder who is the real Yahoo Yahoo.

The Hushpuppies are Taking Over.

The next posh Hotel in your town, the exquisite restaurant or mall may just be owned by a Hush Puppy. Some of them have found their way into Politics and they are making it. Imagine exposing your National Treasury to an Internet Fraudster, this Country is on a one chance .

You now even have Huspuppy Pastors, Hushpuppy CEOs of Forbes Fortune 100 Companies, Hushpuppy Singers, who have huge fellowships with unique nomenclatures, that abhors education and propriety, whereas the Singers themselves have some of the best education in foremost Universities in the World.

Now the Hush Puppies are Breeding Puppies :

There is now a rave in our Society to be an Internet Fraudster. Some Parents now set up templates,procure travelling documents for their children, etc. to do so. The Hushpuppies are breeding puppies. Some of the Puppies when they grow up may end up becoming Rottweilers. We are heading to a Gangster’s Paradise.

On the other side, we still have those that work hard and follow the time-honoured Tradition to make it in life. That Tradition has not changed, it is just that people are bringing alien vistas, that will not stand the test of time. The contrast between the two dividers is that they can not fathom each other. It is like a person talking to the dumb.

It was Franz Fannon that said many years ago, that :

“When consciousness Power, Meets Powerless Consciousness, the Result is Double Tragedy “.

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