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Dengepose: Tinubu Again As Edo,3 Other  States Race To Lagos To Understudy Excellence As Sanwo-Olu Cruises On A Highway



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Dengepose: Tinubu Again As Edo,3 Other  States Race To Lagos To Understudy Excellence As Sanwo-Olu Cruises On A Highway

I want to troway a stone and anybody wey d stone meet na hin know especially people wey dey pose.

Wetin e get? E no get nothing. Wetin e b?  E no b nothing. Wetin hin know? E no know nothing. E know tomorrow? E hin no know tomorrow.

Dem go dey pose, dem go dey denge denge,Dem go dey waka foruke….

Belgium shoe wey dem buy yesterday na dem wan take make shakara for me?

Evergreen… kudos to Baba Fryo for this classic shaming the naysayers and Dengeposers that have nothing but na to dey NACK TEETH DEM SABI.

DENGEPOSE inspired my article this morning after reading the headlines yesterday that 4 States are presently in Lagos to learn the operations of the Lagos Justice Ministry.

Let me list the states out, Kano, Edo, Anambra and the Federal Capital Territory. Yes oh, even Edo State Director of Public Prosecutions is in the City of Excellence to learn. Remember EDO NO B LAGOS O.

This is coming on the heels after the Nigerian Governors Forum(36 States) and the Federal Ministry of Finance sent representatives to Lagos to learn how to generate income internally.

These detractors won’t talk about the facts and positive vibes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu reverberating across the Nation but instead, they would dwell on frivolities and propaganda to twist the story. People wey no Sabi anything dem wan make Shakara for us. Awon haters, they won’t tell their followers how Tinubu’s foundation of excellence is a subject of study across Africa today.

They would see the story and form Ray Charles or Stevie Wonders. People that don’t even have credible Presidential aspirants are ranting all over social media discrediting the pioneer of modern-day governance in Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, they call him the godfather of Lagos and yet refuse to give the godfather the credit that today Lagos is the fifth largest economy in Africa with the greatest population of successful people in all facet of career.

Tinubu started the reformation in the Justice Ministry in Lagos when he appointed Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo as Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice.

You recall the famous case of the independence of local council otherwise known as local autonomy that we crave for today was between The Lagos State Government and the Federal Government where Lagos floored Obasanjo led Federal Government, the case was handled by the present Vee-Pee.

Tinubu has been killing it when it comes to excellence since 19 gbidibidi, all these naysayers that don’t even have an ideological candidate go dey pose for great men, what do they have to offer?

Don’t worry  I would soon report when these state governors would send representatives to Lagos to learn how to handle other ministries, even those saying Edo No B Lagos are sending people to learn from Lagos and yet we say we have not seen our messiah for 2023?

Lagos is Nigeria’s prototype, whatever succeeds in Lagos will succeed in Nigeria as a whole.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu seems to be cruising on a highway, the President was in Lagos to commission some projects and they were quite massive. Worthy of mention is the donation of patrol vehicles and various security equipment to the Lagos security agencies by Sanwo-Olu.

150 Double Cabin Vehicles, 30 saloon patrol vehicles, 1000 Ballistic Vests, 1000 Handheld Police Radios/Walkie Talkies,100 Security Patrol Bikes, 2 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs),4 High Capacity Troop Carriers,2 Anti-Riot Water Cannon Vehicles, Office/Command Furniture and other Ancillary Support Resources.

Wey d Dengeposers? Don’t they have Governors? No, they don’t, it is to shout Godfather they know, tomorrow they will send their commissioners to run down to Lagos to study how to take Agberos away from the streets and engage them in gainful ventures like LASMA, KAI etc.

Look at what their mates are doing in Lagos, projects local government chairmen execute in Lagos are landmark achievements for some governors even with their Oil Revenue.

Belgium shoe wey dem manage buy yesterday na dem wan take make Shakara for who?

Say the truth and let the Devil be ashamed, Tinubu is way on another level. Finally, na d picture of the students’ wey the four states send go Lagos na b dis so.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

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