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Walk The Talk: Moses Omo-Ikirodah Charges At Youths To Take Advantage Of INEC Continuous Voters Registration Exercise



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Walk The Talk: Moses Omo-Ikirodah Charges At Youths To Take Advantage Of INEC Continuous Voters Registration Exercise

Eng Moses Omo-Ikirodah has charged Nigerian youths to take advantage of the coming INEC Continuous Voters Registration exercise and become value-oriented.

Moses made the call during a visitation of a youth group from the Niger Delta Region. The group Niger Delta Alliance For Youth Awareness, NDAYA led by its newly inaugurated president, Miss Jane Obong was on a familiarity visit to the Edo State Business mogul at his Lagos State residence.

He advised the youths to make use of their numerical strength in promoting good governance in every aspect of nation-building, according to him getting registered and obtaining your PVC is the first valid step in restructuring Nigeria.

Moses harped on the need for the youths to walk their talk and take charge of the political leadership of the country by actively participating in the electoral process.

“Young voters account for more than half of the voting population thereby making them a powerful political force yet older Nigerians are more likely to vote which unfortunately retains the status quo.

Albert Einstein defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

If we crave to seek a better Nigeria then the solution lies in our hands and not in the hands of the present leaders which we complain have failed us in all ramifications. To achieve the Nigeria of our dreams we must be a part of the struggle and must deepen the electoral process by participating in it.

If we must defeat the causes of poverty, if we must stop insecurity in our lands then we must get registered and obtain our permanent voter’s card. Our inalienable right to voice out is in our votes which every single one counts. It gives us the power to speak out about how we feel the country is being run and also support the party that exemplifies our views. It remains the greatest opportunity to have our say.

The youths must start connecting with politics early, they have the capability to shake up politics and effect the desired change. When younger politicians are in power the executive and legislative will become diverse and be forced to embrace more modern and innovative ideas thereby making politics accessible and attractive to all. It is a sure way to being the change makers they desire”

Monday, 28th June 2021 INEC would commence the CVR (Continuous Voters Registration) nationwide.

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