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When Is Sunday Igboho Going To Visit Nnamdi Kanu And Others ?



Recall the terminology, life na Turn By Turn? TBT, it simply means there is a time and season for every given event.

At different stages in life one or two trends comes up and it reigns for a while, during this period of TREND it would seem the world would come to an abrupt end in some cases.

I would give a few illustrations to buttress my point, recall the last upheaval in the polity with the #EndSARS protest?

Lekki Toll Gate was under siege, people were coming out in their thousands challenging the inhumane treatment of Nigerians by security agencies and the government of the day. If you followed the comment and feedback during that period it was like Nigeria would cease to exist or Buhari would be changed through the protest.

Even criminals bursting police stations were busy displaying themselves with weapons belonging to serving policemen looted from their stations, they did all this because they felt a NEW WORLD ORDER was about to begin?

Living in self-delusion they assumed the protest would consume the Nation and maybe a different government would be in place.

Also, recall the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020? The people were scared that life would drastically change and mankind maybe not be able to adapt to the inevitable change.

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Anyway, life goes on, nothing that would ever happen in this life that that would make Heaven fall down to Earth.

Of recent, so many Nigerians have been circumspect about the unity of Nigeria because of the ethnic tensions taking place across the Nation. High banditry in the North, Kidnapping everywhere,  with armed robbery deep in the South.

In so many forums I get to hear things like, do you think the 2023 election would take place? Some would say you are busy talking of 2023 when we don’t know if Nigeria would be in existence by 2023?

Let me ask what is happening in Nigeria that has not happened before? It is like saying what is happening now that has not occurred during Sodom and Gomorrah.

My people, life has its stages, at a time it was NIger Delta Restiveness, the Maitasine crisis, the sharia scare so many scary things have been happening and keeps happening in Nigeria.

Today you hear Sunday Igboho making noise and declaring the Oduduwa Republic and people are clapping for him. He has over 5million followers which in turn has given him the self status of an emperor.

Not surprised Asari Dokubo has declared his own Biafra Republic making him the first Muslim to head the Biafra Republic.

All I have to say is that Nigeria has always had this uncertain national crisis to settle from time immemorial, the inequality and oppression have been a part and parcel of the system.

Sunday’s Igboho’s rise to prominence is not strange if you follow the trajectory of regional leaders in Nigeria. At a time it was OPC, MASSOB, MOSSOP, MEND and so many others.

In all this Nigeria would continue to exist as one entity, the only difference is that these regional leaders will act the roles of emperors in their regional enclave.

Have we not been battling with insurgency all this while? Did Nigeria fall apart? Truth be told the country would not be divided anytime soon.

The next I expect to see is Sunday Igboho paying a visit to Nnamdi Kanu, Asari Dokubo and the likes. In all these the characters involved usually get stupendously rich with a strong network across the globe.

They would be the beneficiaries of whatever phantom republic they claim to run.

The 2023 general elections are around the corner, Nigerians should go and get ready for the electoral battle ahead, your vote remains your voice not all these rantings from these self-acclaimed regional warlords. They would only enrich themselves to the detriment of the same masses the politicians trample upon.

The only freedom we seek is through the ballot box do not be deceived.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

source iReporteronline.

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