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Yeye Dey Smell: If You No Get Candidate Hide Your Face – Man Rips Tinubu’s Detractors Apart



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Yeye Dey Smell: If You No Get Candidate Hide Your Face – Man Rips Tinubu’s Detractors Apart

“I like the way I am feeling now , no come use your reggae spoil my blues”

That was the opening line in an exchange of fireworks between a fan of Tinubu and a few overzealous naysayers who invaded the wall of a die-hard Tinubu fan to pour invectives on him for supporting Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s rumoured 2023 presidential aspiration.

You see there is a school of thought that is of the idea that the current uncertainty hovering around the nation should be the needed GINGER for Nigeria to restructure,  to them all they are concerned about is who represents them from their ward to local Government, State Lawmakers, Governors, Federal lawmakers and finally the Presidency.

And I strongly agree with them because that seems to be the shortest, easiest and rational means to effect the true change we seek, if you are not satisfied with the leaders then join a political party and fight your way through, others have done it in different climes so it’s not impossible, but what rather seems impossible is the break up of Nigeria.

You know these guys fuelling all sorts of evil stories and scary scenes of a break up can not even stand the sound of Knockouts, ie BANGER o, how much more can they stand the sounds of live bullets. To me, any Nigerian opening his mouth to complain without thinking of efforts to personally change the narratives is unpatriotic and unworthy of mention.

So when I came across this thread on social media where this young man ripped these naysayers apart I was really happy, the thing sweet my belle die.

So our Oga posted a picture of himself having a sumptuous meal with the picture of Tinubu in the background and tagged it “What a wonderful Sunday”.

Boom… the monitoring spirits aka Tatafo’s came to attack him, “so you are in support of this man that brought Buhari in”. Another one said, “there would not be any election in that zoo country and u are here wishing us a happy Sunday”.

Obviously, after expending their hate Oga started to lecture them.

“I like the way I am feeling now , no come use your reggae spoil my blues” Singing in Tekno’s voice

“I no dey sick, You wan gimme medicine, I get money o, You wan help me spend my money
Allow me to enjoy myself, Allow me to enjoy myself.”

There are no gainsayings about Tinubu’s qualification for the presidency of Nigeria, to me, there is no Politian apart from PMB that can compare with Asiwaju, talk less of superseding him. If not that you guys are blinded with hate by now you ought to be in the process of selecting your leaders that you think can change the narratives but instead, you come here to spew hate on my wall, You think the presidency is served like a cup of coffee that you won’t work hard to achieve?

Tinubu brought in Buhari and so what? When Tinubu was fighting to bring an end to the one-party system the PDP and Obasanjo tried to force on Nigerians what role did you play? When Tinubu was at the vanguard of restoring democracy that Nigerians now enjoy in full where una dey?

Funny, some people have lost their senses because of Tinubu…Oga visit Yaba Left to meet your mate there.

What Nigeria needs at this time is a leader who can lift them out of their present predicament.

A leader the people can trust and one who can defend them, a leader who would understand their problems and challenges and put an end to them.

They want a leader who can sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the country. As it stands Tinubu rightly fits in as a detribalized leader who is passionately after the growth and prosperity of our nation.

So if you do not have a candidate by now to canvass support for, then hide your face, the other oga goes about saying Nigeria would break up and yet he woke up today in Lagos and is going about his normal daily routine yet he comes to my wall to shout Nigeria would break up.  Since Nigeria would break up and he’s aware I wonder what you are still doing hustling in Lagos.

You guys pretend from now till tomorrow, Tinubu is laying the right foundation towards his aspiration while your choice candidate which at this stage you are still too ashamed to reveal maybe in Dubai frolicking and enjoying himself why you masturbate about my support for Tinubu.

Yeye dey smell, If you can not give us a better candidate then keep quiet for life, time is ticking away and by now we need to know the aspirants that are ready to take over leadership positions in a few months from now.

Oga’s response was apt. In concluding this article I stumbled on a write up on WhatsApp so I decided to share with you guys why we must focus on the coming elections and leave these useless disintegration talks that would serve us no purpose.

“Put the blame on NASS;
Constitution amendments are their primary responsibility.

There are three (3) Senators from all the 36 states representing the people of their respective states to balance the Amalgamation.

There are Reps from all the 36 states representing the people of their respective states to assist Senators in balancing the Amalgamation.

Until the combined Members of the two chambers of the NASS fails, only then the President can fail.

YET, HERE WE ARE CRUCIFYING BUHARI on the woeful failure of the Senators and Reps.

The State Governments are a replica of the Federal Government only that the states have only one Assembly.

Until the Members of the state Assembly fails, only then the Governor can fail.



Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Lagos.

Copyright 2021.

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